June 9th - Research results



The exploitation of research results:
Patent filing and launching business activities in academia



Paola Ciaccia e Daniele Riccioni, Area Supporto alla ricerca e trasferimento tecnologico - Ufficio valorizzazione e trasferimento tecnologico



Daniele Riccioni, Ufficio Valorizzazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico Paola Ciaccia, Settore Brevetti e Licensing
Beatrice Calabrese, Settore Brevetti e Licensing


The identification and evaluation of the invention – and the consequent decision to protect the research results by filing a patent – are the first step in the process of exploiting technologies generated in the field of academia. Filing a patent is not the end goal but it represents the starting point or better the flywheel that activates the process of technological transfer as described in the Italian universities Third mission activities. Similarly, the founding of start-ups means more than the development, production and marketing of prototypes, innovative products or services with high technological value. It actually triggers inclusive and dynamic knowledge transfer from universities to business world.

The seminar will deal with the core issues of academia technological transfer research supply chain by illustrating the University’s services working on increasing knowledge about patenting at a high degree of competitiveness nationally and internationally, and at making business culture (culture of entrepreneurship) available to students and young researchers.


mercoledì 9 giugno 2021, ore 15.00 - 17.00

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