March 10th - STITCH Webinar


GPU based Monte Carlo techniques in proton therapy of cancer



Vincenzo Patera, Dipartimento di Scienze di base e applicate per l’ingegneria

Angelo Schiavi, Dipartimento di Scienze di base e applicate per l’ingegneria


Proton therapy allows to reach deep seated localized cancers, and deposit dose inside the tumor volume whilst sparing the surrounding heathy tissue. To fully exploit the high potential of this technique, sub-mm precision in dose deposition inside heterogenous materials is needed. Monte-Carlo (MC) simulations of proton beam interaction with the human body are the most accurate tool that we have today to describe such a complex particle-medium interaction. In order to overcome the main drawback of MC simulations (namely the long time needed to perform the complete simulation), Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) can be used to bring high-accuracy dose calculations to the daily routine of a clinical centre. Motivation, development, present and foreseen applications of a in-house original MC platform for proton therapy developed at Sapienza will be presented.


mercoledì 10 marzo 2021, ore 15.00 - 17.00

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