May 29th - STITCH Workshop

Friday, May 17, 2019



“Social Network Analytics to support dyagnos ”





Paola Velardi 

 Dipartimento di Informatica


Quality of life assessments using health forums


The effectiveness of a cure depends on the doctor-patient shared understanding of an

illness and its treatment. We suggest that a patient-centered view of a disease –

as well as potential misalignment between patient and doctor focuses - can be

inferred at a larger scale trough automated textual analysis of health-related forums.




Alberto Tozzi

Ospedale Bambino Gesù


Analytics for epidemiological surveillance


Traditional data sources in epidemiology can be integrated with data from digital

devices and from web interactions (wearable devices, RFID, exchanged messages in

social networks). The examples of influenza and allergic rhino-conjunctivitis

exemplify how digital information may help tailoring preventative strategies for

several diseases in specific settings.





Cristina Cenci
Digital Health Academy

Digital Narrative Medicine


The digital revolution requires us to reconsider and integrate the EBM paradigm.

The focus of this transformation is the personalization of the illness and cure path.

Narrative medicine can speed this process by providing both the frameworks and the

methodologies for an integration of biomedical and biographical aspects,

of typologies and individuals, of guidelines and personal needs.
The digital technologies can facilitate and leverage the use of narrative medicine

in clinical practice and the integration of quantitative and narrative data.








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