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Convegno 4words 2020: le parole dell’innovazione in sanità - 4° Riunione annuale di Forward - 30 January 2020, Rome

Nework|Reti by Farina L. and Velardi P. 


Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era: an European Conference - 7 February 2020, Rome 


In the field of education, it is necessary to radically redesigning the curriculum of traditional degree courses in order to create cross-disciplinary programmes that will better prepare graduates of the future who will need to be increasingly versatile in multiple disciplines and languages​​.
Universities must embrace this new reality and seek to determine and address future needs. However, while the speed of transformation makes it easy to determine short-term needs, the real challenge lies in preparing students for the professions that will be required in the coming decade.
The “Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era” Conference is an opportunity for professors, doctors and European experts to discuss how to improve systems and curricula in order to provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to face the emerging digital transformation in health and medicine. 



Second International Conference on Network Medicine and Big Data: The Transformationof Medicine



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