Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era - February 7th


Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era


The world is rapidly evolving due to continuous advances in technology. These transformations impacted society, economics, and politics, even if the process was seamless due to its speed and integration of small, continuous changes into our daily lives. Nowadays, an acceleration is occurring: today, any news, ideas, tools are immediately globally available and spreading out. The modern University, such as the society in general, is facing severe challenges: it needs to take advantage of technologies and advancement, without rejecting solid principles and traditional missions.

A huge amount of digital resources is now available for administrative as well as pedagogical support and enhancement in higher education. Students today, born in the 21st century  (“Millennials”), easily take for granted that universities provide not only an appropriate physical, but also a digital, infrastructure for teaching and learning. 

The expected goal of educators and lecturers is not only to be pedagogical but also to be able to integrate digital tools in their teaching. Being an expert in a certain academic field is no more sufficient. Today’s lecturers need both educational and teaching qualifications helping as many students as possible to succeed in the courses, as well as competence in the use of digital resources. This competence is referred to as Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPCK). To achieve this mission, we have to modernize some methods, like checkerboards, practice groups, classroom lectures.

This conference will serve as a starting point to reflect on how this emerging scenario is shaping our world and how it will affect that of the near future. We must discuss and prepare for current and future challenges that require us to strike a balance between rapidly evolving systems, high consumer expectations, and organisational limits. 

The Innovative Medical Education in the Digital Era Conference is an opportunity for professors, doctors, and other experts in Europe and beyond to discuss how to improve systems and curricula in order to provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to face the emerging digital transformation in health and medicine, and to create the background of an international platform, to support and promote digital transformation in medical education. It may be framed by some principles, that will be shared and discussed, such as interactivity, transnationality, bidirectionality, up-to-dateness, and blendedness (integration with traditional methods).

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