Art. 1GENERAL PRINCIPLES  1a. The “Angelo Monteverdi” Library belongs to the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy and provides library 
and documentary services with the aim of encouraging study and research in the humanities. The tasks of the library consist in the acquisition, 
conservation, cataloging and dissemination, towards its users, of scientific production in the disciplinary fields of its interest. The library is part of the 
Sapienza Library System (now called SBS). The library 1b. guarantees access to users of the Sapienza Library System, both institutional and external, 
without any restrictions, who need to use its bibliographic assets and services; guarantees access to paper and electronic collections through the library 
catalogues, the university catalog and other online catalogues, ensuring their regular updating as far as it is responsible; it also provides for the retrieval and 
cataloging of free access online resources ; 1d. provides services to all users in compliance with equal rights and simplification of procedures; guarantees 
services according to the established times and methods, with continuity and regularity, promptly communicating any interruptions through paper notices 
posted at the entrance to the library, on its website and on other electronic sources prepared for this purpose.

Art. 2 USERS OF THE LIBRARY  The users of the library are: a) institutional users, i.e. students, teachers, researchers, doctoral students, scholarship holders, 
technical-administrative staff. b) external users (teachers and students from other universities and other educational institutions, subject experts, professionals, etc.).

Art. 3 OPENING HOURS The library guarantees its opening hours and access to services, based on the human resources at its disposal and the needs of its 
institutional users. The consultation room is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00.

The consultation room is the place where services are provided and accessed mainly for this purpose.

The works placed on "open shelves" can be taken directly by the user and consulted exclusively in the room. Consultation of open shelf collections may be 
excluded from registration, but, where permitted, monitoring systems may be adopted. To consult collections stored in rooms not accessible to the public, 
the user can also advance the request by email or telephone.

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