The research activities of the Department is characterized by a multiplicity of operating lines:

I - Specific large interdisciplinary research projects of the Department:

  • Business crisis and pre-crisis indicators: legal analysis and business
  • The future of the language in the law: globalization, translation and cultural mediation. It is the project behind of Permanent Seminar of law and legal translation studies "Lionello Levi Sandri"; the Permanent Seminar "Lionello Levi Sandri" is set up, in joint form, in the Department of European Studies and Intercultural - University La Sapienza and the Department of Law and Economics of production activities - University La Sapienza)
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Governance and accountability of managers.

    II - Investigations research of individual teachers or groups of teachers - Topics of interest:

  • Market and law: problems of legal theory of the market; competition rules and economic system; Agreements restricting competition. Global economy and regulation of international trade. Economic Analysis of Law: theoretical models and application profiles in the general theory of the contract (G. Capaldo).
  • European Private law and general provisions of the contract; consumer protection. Bill of Rights of the European Union. Private autonomy and new finance: new financial instruments. Civil law profiles of banking; Securitization; Special fund in new finance and corporate law. They will also be examined individual new types Factoring, Assignment of trade receivables and franchise Franchise Leasing and leaseback, etc. (G. Capaldo).
  • Business activities - Legal entities with for-profit and non-profit (companies, cooperatives, associations and foundations) - Discipline of companies - Discipline of the crisis of corporate and insolvency proceedings.
        The issues related to the general theory of civil law and commercial (Santosuosso, Zaccheo)
  • General issues of labor law and industrial relations (Pandolfo).
  • International law and aerospace (Catalano).
  •  Organizational forms of activities non-profit institutions as the first book and cooperatives. The so-called Prevalent mutuality (G. Capaldo).
  • Degree of financial liability and separate assets. Principle of movement of the right (PRIN 2007, G. Capaldo).
  • Themes and research of bankruptcy law following  the recent reform (Nigro, Vattermoli).
  • Intellectual capital, stakeholder theory and resource based view (Moscarini, Coluccia, Solimene).
  • Perception of pregnant women within the company (Moscarini).
  • Quality of the European institutions and impact on public spending, public debt, on redistribution and business (Eusepi).
  • External information budget. Corporate governance and business ethics (Laghi, Sura).
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and business performance in the model of governance of European companies. Analysis and evaluation of synallagma social / financial performance (Bianchi, Cosentino).
  • Financial strategies of the company and the optimal financial structure (Galeotti, De Luca).
  •  Analysis of the environmental information provided by companies (Coluccia, Fontana, Solimene).
  • Called inheritance and cadastral registration: breach of duty and fulfillment of act - tacit acceptance of inheritance. Reflections around tacit acceptance of the inheritance. Testamentary dispositions and the tax regime of the act because of death (Barba).
  • Principle of equality in the family in the recent reform of filiation - L 219/2012 (Capaldo).
  •  Legal regulation of banking crises. Aspects of international, community and internal law. Voting shares multiple. Analysis of the major problems, of both a procedural and substantive, generated by transnational insolvency (Vattermoli, Adiutori, Gommellini).
  •  Analysis of the main issues concerning the banking foundations, service contracts, public utilities (San Mauro).
  • L. 111/2012 - regime of limitation for maritime claims -. Legal aspects of unmanned aircraft (APR) and prospects adjustment (Zampone).
  •  The non-existent transactions into Italian and European tax. The non-existent transactions into Italian tax and european targets: Publication of the results in primary national magazine and / or international (Fortunato, Della Valle, Giorgi).
  • Taxation in M ​​& A (Della Valle).
  • Biolaw international and EU. Economic impact, legal and policy of technological innovation in the field of biomedicine. Evaluation of the transformation of the relationship between medicine and society (Marini).
  •  Stock companies, listed companies, Insolvency, International Insolvency System, multinational groups, International Contracts, Maritime law, aeronautics, transport and tourism, Fiscal Federalism and European principles, process tax, national and international tax law, Law of succession, Law of Obligations, General theory of contract, asset liability, Discipline of markets and contracts, banking, financial and insurance companies, public and private pension system, Crisis of enterprises and protection of workers, individual labor relations, trade union rights, Staff, Institutional Law EU, EU Competition Law, International Economic Law, Biolaw, Rules of war, International Relations (Barba, Capaldo, Della Valle, Pandolfo, D. Santosuosso, Tabet, Zaccheo, Adiutori, Ferrari , Marini, Orlando, Proietti, San Mauro, Vattermoli, Bernardi, d'Alessandro, Farina, Fortunato, Giorgi, Gommellini, jucci, Miceli, Orlandi, Santangelo, Zampone).

 Accounting; Corporate Governance; Corporate Finance; Economic theories; Corporate Social Responsibility; Business Evaluation; Management Accounting; Business strategies; Financial Reporting; Public Choice; Constitutional Political Economy; E-Learning; Business Information Systems; Crisis and Drainage Company; Business ethics; Financial Management (Galeotti, Laghi, Bianchi, Eusepi, Magistro, P. Santosuosso, Cavallo, Coluccia, Cosentino, De Luca, Fontana, Giornetti, Moscarini, Provaroni, Solimene, Sura).

III - Main recent publications

    In the Section of Law of the department of law and economics of productive activities is is a series of publications, directed by prof. Giuseppe Benedetti, published by Giuffre. The most recent publications are:

    31. Serafino Gatti, Studies on copyright (2008)
32. Andrea Genovese, The interpretation of the standard contract (2008)
33. Antonio Rizzi, The late acceptance (2008)
35. Carlo Pilia, Agreement weak and right of withdrawal (2008)
36. Michele Faioli, The work done irregularly, (2008)
37. Salvatore Pescatore, Corporate structures and contractual autonomy, (2009). Collection of essays
38. The tools of articulation of joint heritage. Profiles of competitiveness of the system, by Mirzia Bianca and Giuseppina Capaldo (2010)
39. Anna Rosa Adiutori, Protected interests in sub-contracting (2010)
40. Anna Rosa Adiutori, Insolvency and responsibilities in the group (2013)

Moreover, among the recent publications include:

 -   Vincenzo Barba, The resignation inheritance, Rome, 2008
Giuseppina Capaldo (eds) Banking and compound interest, Padova, 2010
AA.VV., Banks, Insurance, Financial Markets, edited by M. Prosperetti  and A. Colavolpe, Milano, 2009
A. Nigro - D. Vattermoli, Law of the crisis of the companies, Il Mulino, 2009

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