The Erasmus+ program represents the excellence of the international profile of the Department of Philosophy, fostering the exchange of students and staff members between European universities both at BA, MA, and PhD level. The Erasmus+ program allow to spend a significant portion of one’s study (Erasmus+) or traineeship (Erasmus+ Traineeship), spanning from 3 to 12 months for each degree level, to be spent in one of the over 500 partner universities all over Europe. An average of 2,000 grants are offered yearly, thanks to the 1,500 bilateral agreements Sapienza signed with European universities from 1987 to now. In particular, the Department of Philosophy boasts agreements with 14 European countries. The number of grants available in the last years has steadily increased (in 2018-9 there has been an increase of 10% with respect to 2017-8), while the grant funding for the current call (2019-20) has doubled.

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