The Master is a postgraduate degree program with a character of scientific improvement and higher permanent and recurrent training, designed for students, but also for professionals, who want to retrain. The Masters provide professional, technical-operational or design knowledge and skills.

University Masters can be first or second level.

The Master of First Level can be accessed if you have at least a bachelor’s degree; the Master of second level can be accessed only if you have a master’s degree.

Each Master lasts at least 1 year, with different start dates and access procedures.

Admission is reserved for a limited number of participants to ensure the personal guidance of teachers and tutors.

The selection takes place through interviews or other forms of verification. All instructions on how to apply are given in the Master calls.

The Master’s Degree, of first or second level, is awarded at the end of the course.


The Department of Translational and Precision Medicine manage the following Masters:

  • Master II level "Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism"
  • Master II level "Clinical research: methodology, pharmacovigilance, legal and regulatory aspects"
  • Master II level "Emergency medicine"

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