HELLO - International Student Help Desk

The Hello Help Desk provides information to foreign students who wish to study, conduct research or participate in internships at Sapienza University. Hello also helps students contact the right offices and people.


The Hello Helpdesk provides students with detailed information based on individual needs both at its office and via telephone, e-mail and social media.

Students can request information on enrolment, undergraduate and graduate degrees, specialisation schools, PhDs, master courses, internships, individual courses and thesis research.

The Hello Help Desk is staffed by Sapienza students from around the world who can help answer your questions or direct you to the right office.

Hello also provides information on the opening hours of libraries, museums, university cafeterias, the CUS Sports Centre and on all of Sapienza’s didactic and cultural activities.

Moreover, the Hello Help Desk can provide you with information and help you fill out applications for residence permits (permesso di soggiorno), Laziodisu scholarships, tax codes (codice fiscale) and even help you look for housing.

Students can also turn to the Hello Help Desk to register for and print out exam attendance slips, as well as other certificates and any other operation that can carried out on the Infostud Portal.


The Hello Help Desk organises campus tours for prospective students, including visits to academic departments and faculties, lessons and museums. You can request a visit by contacting hello@uniroma1.it


The Hello Help Desk also keeps count of all foreign visitors who are not on exchange programmes, but who spend periods of study or research at Sapienza.


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