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  • “Regolare il lavoro domestico e di cura. Quanto pesa il modello familista?” - Luisa De Vita e A. Corasaniti, 4 March, h. 16:30
  • “COVID-19 and the overlap between job and home responsibilities: new evidence from the U.S. and Italy” - Erica Aloè, Yana Rodgers and Marina Zannella, 18 March, h. 16:30
  • “The Hawaii recipe for a gender-balanced recovery” - Amanda Shaw, 25 March, h. 16:30
  • “Tre volte vittima. La rappresentazione sociale della violenza di genere in ambito giudiziario e sulla stampa” - Flaminia Saccà, 8 April, h.16.30
  • “L’abitare complesso delle donne” - Claudia Mattogno e Chiara Belingardi, 22 April, h. 16.30
  • "Il pregiudizio dell'Intelligenza (?) Artificiale" -  Flavia Barca, 6 May, h. 16.30
  • "A crisis like no other: social reproduction as method to explore life, work and death under pandemic capitalism" - Alessandra Mezzadri, 20 May, h. 16.30
  • "Why we need to start very early with financial education. Answers provided by a virtual reality educational game" - Rosella Castellano e Azzurra Rinaldi, 3 June, h. 16.30


  • “Do the most vulnerables know about income support policies? The case of Italy” - Marina De Angelis, 21 January, h. 16:30
  • “Caring beyond familism. Narratives by LGBTQ lovers, mothers and friends in Italy” - Beatrice Gusmano, 28 January, h. 16:30
  • “Come stai/How are you? Conversazioni ai tempi del Covid-19” - Sveva Avveduto, 4 February, h. 16:30
  • “I would like to, but I cannot. The individual determinants of involuntary part-time employment in Italy” - Matteo Luppi, 18 February, ore 16:30


  • "The legacy of Ursula Hirschmann" -  Silvana Boccanfuso, 22 January, h. 13:00        
  • "Gender and food security in humanitarian and development contexts: from policy to practice" - Cecilia Roccato, 29 January, h. 17:00  
  • "Dacci oggi il nostro odio quotidiano: forma e sostanza dell'hate speech sessista" - Elisa Giomi e Francesca Dragotto, 11 February, h. 17:00
  • "Sex workers under attack: feminism, criminalisation, and society" - Marco Bacio, 19 February, h.17:00
  • "Shifting discourses on sexual violence: the case of #MeToo" - Vittoria Bernardini, 16 April, h. 16.30
  • "Gender effects and third-party punishment in social dilemma games" - Paola Paiardini, 23 April, h. 16.30
  • "On the value of social reproduction: Informal labour, the majority world and the need for inclusive theories and politics'" -  Alessandra Mezzadri, 30 April, h. 16.30
  • "Was Europe born motherless?" - Maria Pia Di Nonno, 7 May, h. 16:30
  • "Gender Inequality, Social Reproduction and the Universal Basic Income" - Lorena Lombardozzi, 14 May, h. 16.30
  • "Financial sector confidential: diversity in finance from the voice of insiders" - Giulia Porino, 21 May, h. 16.30
  • "Working from home and the explosion of enduring divides: income, employment and safety risks" - Armanda Cetrulo, 8 October, h. 16:30
  • "Is COVID-19 shock going to increase the gender gap? A sectoral analysis at provincial level" - Barbara Martini, 22 October, h. 16:30
  • "Measuring sustainability" - Fabio Bacchini, 5 November, h. 16:00
  • "Bargaining sexual orientation. Gender and sexuality in male sex work" 19 November
  • "Women’s agency building model. The experience of women's shelters in Milan" - Fiorenza Deriu, 3 December, h. 16:30
  • "The (great) persuasion divide? Gender disparities in debate speeches and evaluations" - Huyen T. Nguyen, 10 December, h. 16:30


  • "La violenza contro le donne nella storia" - Simona Feci, 30 January, h. 13:30
  • “Roma socio-economic development and inclusion, the gender perspective" - Irene Salerno, 13 February, h. 13:30 
  • "Social impact investment in the EU” – Gianluca Misuraca, 27 February, h. 16:30
  • “Syrian refugee women and cooperation: an empowerment project” - Sara Sergio, 13 March, h. 16:30
  • "Field of study choices and the reproduction of gender inequalities" - Svenja Flechtner, 27 March, h. 17:00
  • “Family time transfers, work and leisure inequality” - Marina Zannella, 10 April, h. 16:30
  • “Graduates' opium? Cultural values, religiosity and gender segregation by field of study” - Izaskun Zuazu Bermejo, 17 April, h. 16:30
  • “The bivariate random preference estimator for switching multiple price list data” - Anna Conte, 8 May, h. 17:00
  • “Engaging men in care-giving: the PARENT project on active fatherhood “- Annina Lubbock and Andrea Santoro, 22 May, h. 17:00
  • “Investing in Social Care for Gender Inclusive Growth: Findings from Policy Simulations from OECD and beyond” - Ipek Ilkkaracan, 12 June, h. 13:30
  • "Self-Efficacy and International Higher Education Programmes"  - Izaskun Zuazu, 9 October, h. 13:30
  • "Tackling Gender Gap in Education and Improve Women's Empowerment to Enhance Food Security: Evidence from Ethiopia" - Giorgia Amato,  30 October, h. 13:30
  • "Education-occupation mismatch of migrants in the Italian labour market. The effect of social networks" - Pierre Van Wolleghem, 6 November, h. 13:30
  • "The Commodification of Human Bodies" - Marcella Corsi, 21 November, h. 13:30
  • "Molestie e violenza di genere nel mondo del lavoro in Italia" (presentazione rapporto ILO) - Fiorenza Deriu e  Carla Pagano, 10 December, h.13:30
  • "La valutazione delle politiche di contrasto alla povertà. Il caso del REI", Marina De Angelis, Giovanni Gallo, Matteo Luppi e Pierre Van Wolleghem, 18 December, h. 13:30


  • "Il ruolo delle politiche attive nei percorsi di transizione all'età adulta degli young adults"  - Marina Mastropierro, 29 January, h. 11:00 
  • "The role of gender equality in a sustainable development strategy" - Eurydice Fotopoulou, 6 February, h. 11:00
  • "Gender, class and the crisis" - Valeria Cirillo, Marcella Corsi, Carlo D'Ippoliti, 15 February, h. 16:00
  • "Food security, gender and microfinance" - Valeria Cirillo, Marina De Angelis e Roberta Parrilla, 7 March, h. 17:00
  • "Le molestie a sfondo sessuale: venti anni di dati" - Maria Giuseppina Muratore, 11 April, h. 17:00
  • "Gender equality: the contribute of official statistics to contrast violence against women" - Fiorenza Deriu, 18 April, h. 17:00
  • "Agire per differenza: vite mobili di accademiche e imprenditrici" - Luisa De Vita, 23 April, h. 10:30
  • "The determinants of entrepreneurship for migrants in Italy" - Marcella Corsi, Marina De Angelis, 8 May, h. 17:00
  • "Gender equality in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development" - Mariella Nocenzi, 23 May, h. 17:00
  • "Banking on gender diversity: A statistical analysis of the determinants of diversity in bank's boardrooms" - Giulia Porino, Adam Chalmeers, 28 May, h. 10:30
  • “Gender and populism in Europe” – Fabrizio Botti, Marcella Corsi, 3 October, h. 13:30
  • “Purple economy: a conceptual framework for a gender egalitarian and ‘caring’ economy and the parallels to a green economy from a sustainability perspective” – Ipek Ilkkaracan, 15 October, h. 13:30
  • "#MeToo in Europe: the evolution of the twitter campaign against sexual harassment" - Giulia Zacchia, 7 November, h. 13:30
  • "The measurement of time and income poverty. Estimates for Italy" - Erica Aloe’, 3 December, h. 13:30
  • "An holistic, integrated approach to accelerate rural women’s empowerment: the case of the Joint Programme RWEE" - Azzurra Chiarini, 17 December, h. 13:30


  • "Microfinance and promotion of gender equality for the diversity of women: a comparative case study analysis" – Prasheela Karan, 16 November, h. 11:00
  • “Microfinance in Europe at the time of crisis: striking a balance between financial and social performance” – Fabrizio Botti, Marcella Corsi, Giulia Zacchia, 22 November, h. 11:00
  • “A snail’s pace towards gender equality in the EU” – Irene Rioboo Leston, 4 December, h. 11:00