About us

The Master's program aims to provide education aimed at training students in the field of optical systems and "quantum information" (optical quantum communication and computation).
The educational offerings include two pathways: one in "Quantum Information" and the other in "Optics" for Defense, for educational modules with a common number of 23 CFUs, and educational modules of 16 CFUs for each pathway, referred to as Pathway 1 and Pathway 2.

The aim of the Master's program is to provide real technical skills to its attendees, including in the context of the Armed Forces and therefore of Defense and Security sphere. Main purpose of the content and methodologies imparted in the Master's program is in the training of students who, after participation in the Master's program, can enter the world of work with a wealth of technical and practical knowledge of a high profile of international level.

The master's course is addressed to individuals interested in developing concrete professionalism in the field of innovative technologies related to optics, photonics and quantum information processing and transmission through innovative secure communication techniques, such as quantum cryptography.

For the conduct of the courses and the organization of the educational activities, the Master's program makes use of:

(a) the teaching and scientific expertise, in the basic and applied fields of disciplines inherent to the objectives of the Master's degree, present in the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Information Engineering, Informatics and Statistics of the University of Rome "La Sapienza";
b) of the specific contributions of external experts, and operators of proven and documented experience who carry out their activities in public and private research facilities, and in the bodies in charge of the study of physics, laser optics and the resulting applications in the field of information security.

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