u-stem is a one-year Master course held in English at Sapienza University of Rome, in collaboration with Pasteur Institute Italy Cenci Bolognetti Foundation, for graduated students coming from Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Biological Schools.


The objective of u-stem is to provide students upfront knowledge on the biological properties of adult, embryonic and induced stem cells, along with the available genome engineering tools, including delivery vectors and DNA editing systems. Furthermore u-stem courses will present case studies of biomedical applications of stem cells, as well as of the related patenting and ethical issues.


Beyond theoretical knowledge, u-stem students will get access to a national and international internships in basic and applied stem cell biology, set up by the u-stem scientific committee and ustem Faculty and Scholars which includes Italian and international stem cells and genome editing experts from Sapienza university and from other national and international institutions. The internship aims at introducing Master students  into the stem cells- and genome editing-related job opportunities, in Italy and abroad.


The Master is in memoriam of Paolo Bianco, "a trailblazer in the fields of bone and stem cell biology, and a leading advocate for the ethical development and use of cell-based therapies (http://www.cell.com/cell-stem-cell/abstract/S1934-5909(15)00511-1)".



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