Submission 2020-21

*to be updated soon for the upcoming academic year*
Students with an ITALIAN DEGREE can apply between 14th of July - to 15th of September 2020 by Official Announcement! Please ask for information by email
Students with a FOREIGN DEGREE:
The Master of Science in "Product and Sevice Design" admits students:
  • Having at least a three-year University Degree (Bachelor) in Design, Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Engineering Management.
  • Native English speakers or with a good knowledge of spoken and written English. A Certificate of English language knowledge of B2 level at least will be required. Bachelor’s degree taught in English is equivalent.
The open positions for the  year 2020-21 are 35.
The applications must be done online at the link Sapienza pre-selection.
The deadline for the pre-admission procedure for the Non-EU students is June 30, 2020.
The deadline for the pre-admission procedure for the EU students is September 15, 2020.
  1. Online Pre-Selection (check the deadline above)
  2. Pre-Enrollment (specially for Non-EU)
  3. Participation Fee (July-September)
  4. Enrollment (September-November)

1. Online Pre-Selection

If you want to apply you need to SIGN IN and upload the following documents in English and in pdf (max 30 megabyte for each file):

  • Copy of your valid passport (page with photo) or National Identity Card (if you do not have a passport)
  • Proof of English language competence (minimum level B2). (this does not apply to native-English speakers or students with a bachelor’s degree taught in English, therefore English as medium of instruction).
  • Curriculum vitae and Portfolio (which can demonstrate skills in Design)
  • Letter of motivation
  • University Diploma or temporary substitute (for who is not graduated yet)
  • Academic transcript of your records and exams. If you graduated in countries belonging to the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process) ask for Diploma Supplement to your university. It should be provided easily and free of charge.

When asked, you need to provide also a valid skype-address through which you can be reached for an interview.

If your application is ACCEPTED, you will receive the pre-acceptance (invitation) letter by email. 

No further academic tests or interviews will be required! Continue to Step 2! 

2. Pre-Enrollment at the Italian Embassy/Consulate

GET A STUDENT VISA (Type D)!!! (Only for Non-EU citizens non residents in Italy). Non-EU students who receive the pre-acceptance (invitation) letter from Sapienza must apply, between 19 February and 24 July 2018, for the "pre-enrollment" at the local Italian Embassy/Consulate or Italian Cultural Institute in order to obtain the Student Visa, submitting the Form A jointly to the required documents and the pre-admission (invitation) letter received from Sapienza (Lettera di idoneità accademica). This procedure is mandatory and the deadline is annually established by the Italian Government. Please, check directly to the Italian Consulate and Embassy in your Country to know all the details of this procedure and ask for the Declaration of Value. We strongly suggest to apply as soon as possible because for each Country the open positions by the Italian Government are limited.

Diploma Supplement may replace the Declaration of Value. Diploma Supplement is provided by your university free of charge to EU and Non-EU citizens graduated in countries belonging to the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process). Ask it to your university. If your university is not able to provide you the Diploma Supplement, please go to the Italian Consulate and Embassy in your Country to ask for the Declaration of Value of your academic degrees.

3. Participation Fee
Pay the Participation Fee (€ 35) is a mandatory step before to finalize your enrollment. You will be informed by email. Between July and September you must register at the online portal Infostud to obtain the “matricola” (student registration number), search, create and download the payment slip (course code 28674). Then you can pay it in different ways (online could be the easiest method). Here further information NB: remember to select in the Citizenship  “Extra EU senza soggiorno” (Non-EU citizen residing abroad)  and in the Title “Titolo straniero” (Foreign Degree).
After you have paid the participation fee, please send an email to and (CC-Carbon Copy) with your matricola as subject, and writing the following details:
  • ID Student Number (Matricola)
  • Name and Surname. Surname in capital letters
  • Country of Residence
  • Master of Science in Product and Service Design: course 30811
  • Participation fee’s payment receipt
4. Enrollment
At the end of September you must go in person to the International Students Admissions Office for validating your hard copy documents and degrees:
  • Photocopy of your valid passport (page with photo) or National Identity Card
  • Student registration number (“matricola”) obtained by the online portal Infostud
  • Certified photocopy of your high school diploma (at least 12 years), translated in Italian or English, accompanied by a Declaration of Value issued by an Italian Consulate or Embassy in the country where the diploma was obtained. If your Diploma Supplement (point 8) indicates that you have completed a total of 12 years of schooling, you do not need to provide a certified high school diploma.
  • Certified photocopy and a simple photocopy of your university degree certificate, translated in Italian or English, accompanied by a Declaration of Value issued by an Italian Consulate or Embassy in the country where the degree was obtained. Otherwise you can provide your Diploma Supplement.
  • Certified photocopy of your academic transcript issued by your university (list of exams with credits, hours, courses program, grades), translated in Italian or English, certified by an Italian Consulate or Embassy. Otherwise you can provide your Diploma Supplement.
  • Photocopy of your Student Visa-Type D (only for Non-EU residing abroad)
  • Photocopy of your Residence Permit (only for Non-EU). Within 8 days of your arrival in Italy with a Type-D VISA for study purposes, students must apply for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) for study reasons at the police headquarters (“Questura”) in Rome. The request can be presented to a post office by using the specific available kit. When you present the application, you will need to identify yourself and pay the following fees: €30.46 for the electronic residence permit application; €40.00 for the residence permit (3 months – 1 year); €30.00 for post office fees; €16.00 for stamp duty (“Marca da bollo”). (Prices refer to 2017 and changes may occur).

If you provide all the required documents, the International Students Admissions Office will give you directly the payment slip to finalize your enrollment at Sapienza, paying tuition fees (first instalment or the entire 1-year amount). Please, read carefully the deadline in the payment slip! How to pay.