About us

Have you ever been intrigued by an insect?                                                                                                                                    

Here you have the opportunity to discover the beauty of a variety of insect's shapes; thank to museum's collections and the charm of entomological drawings you will experience the vastness of nature whit all it's mechanism.

The Zoological Museum of Sapienza Università di Roma is a  "Database" of animal diversity with the aim of developing scientific culture and support the environmental management.

Zoological museums are therefore the laboratories in which scholars try to understand, sort, classify animal diversity, with reason and experience, tracing the history of evolution through phylogeny, but they are also places of meeting and dissemination both with permanent exhibitions and with temporary exhibitions. Wher , problems related to zoological studies are illustrated and studied in depth, with particular attention to the systematic-evolutionary, ecological and zoogeographic levels.

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