The SapienzaSport Service Center, in accordance with its institutional purposes, has the task of:

  1. Promoting the increase of sports practice for university students;
  2. Promoting the organization of sports activities, introductory and advanced courses in various disciplines, competitive activities at the university level, and within various sports federations;
  3. Collaborating, also through agreements with public and private entities, in the planning and direct or indirect implementation of sports events;
  4. Managing all the sports facilities of the University.

For its activities, the Center must adhere to the following principles:

  1. Prioritize and enhance the involvement of students, professors, university lecturers, and technical-administrative and library staff;
  2. Promote the full development of the personality and overall education of students.

SapienzaSport primarily fosters collaborative relationships with student associations and associations of Sapienza's employees.

It also promotes collaborations with cultural associations, public and/or private entities, and institutions.

The Center can pursue its purposes through the organization of conferences, lectures, seminars, and participation in projects.

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