The SPBA Center pursues the aim of promoting and strengthening, through integration interdisciplinary and the best use of resources, research possibilities, innovation and the training of skills in the Departments Departments belonging to the SPBA Center, and in Sapienza Community, supporting and rationalizing common activities aimed at relaying and the welfare of animals used for experimental purposes, in compliance with the Directive European Union 2010/63 / EU and DL 26/2014, also through the common management of particularly complex instruments and/or laboratories that can be used both by internal users (Administration, Departments, Faculty,) and, possibly, by external users in the areas of its competence highlighted below:

  • harmonization and coordination of the management and operational activities of the OPBAs;
  • support Departments for the purposes of the correct observance of the obligations provided for by the legislation on the protection and welfare of animals used for experimental purposes or for other scientific purposes;
  • support Departments in the management of relations with the competent Ministries, and with other local authorities 
  • support in the training and continuous updating of the personnel involved in experimentation with animals (in the form of seminars, theme days, training courses);
  • monitoring and assistance;
  • coordination and management of shared purchases and external services (e.g. material purchase for environmental enrichment and housing, health checks, etc);
  • animal housing and experimentation

Please refer to the Regulation of the SPBA Center for a more detailed description of this topic.

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