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The Department of Communication and Social Research (CoRiS) at Sapienza University of Rome opened in 2010 and brings together the widest community of lecturers and researchers in the fields of communication and sociology in Italy. CoRiS is unique in that there are lecturers and researchers who are sociologists, lawyers, economists, linguists, statisticians, historians and psychologists. 

Our programmes concentrate on media and technology, but also include all platforms of expression and interaction that are central to contemporary social relations. An intricate interdisciplinary approach is at the root of communication studies and brings together awareness and knowledge from a number of academic fields, including: sociology, psychology, economics, law, anthropology, history, linguistics, semiotics, philosophy, statistics and computer science. 

As such, our communication programmes have always aimed at achieving a fruitful balance between research, scientific knowledge and specific professional specializations. The Department also collaborates in several inter-faculty courses on emerging themes, using an interdisciplinary approach, including international cooperation, design for communication and scientific-biomedical communication.

PhD Programme in Communication, Marketing and Methodology of Social Sciences

The PhD course represents the scientific and cultural fields in the Department of Communication and Social Research. It is composed of  three curricula: Communication, Marketing and Methodology of Social Sciences.

The programme aims to advance the synergistic evolution of communication studies and their use in the research process (analysis of mass media impact, ICT, social forecasting, simulation macro processes, data mining). Furthermore, it aims to provide a solid theoretical basis in management and marketing, in the belief that contemporary the Italian productive system, both public and private, has the increasing need to adopt a customer/user-oriented culture. 

In addition, the programme provides skills that are useful to face the challenge of research and knowledge dissemination, such as bibliometrics and the global exchange of ideas, encouraging students to publish internationally. The PhD also aims to cultivate common interests and activities within the wider “Mediatrends” Doctoral School. It follows the desire to maintain a common set of educational, scientific and cultural initiatives. The Doctoral School is also the home to "Comunicazionepuntodoc", a scientific journal that functions as a training ground for young researchers.

Scientific Committee

Fabrizio Martire (chair), Wayne Brekhus, Francesca Comunello, Paolo De Nardis, Antonio Fasanella, Carmelo Lombardo, Alberto Marinelli, Paolo Parra Saiani, Isabella Pezzini, Christian Ruggiero

Organizational Committee

Lorenzo Sabetta (chair), Vittoria Bernardini, Mauro Bomba, Arianna Bussoletti, Arianna Calderamo, Milena Mitrano, Daniele Panaroni, Sara Pastore, Simone Sallusti


E-mail: wplb2020.coris@uniroma1.it

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