• Open shelf consultation of books and periodicals owned by the library.
  • Room assistance, provided by specialized librarians, available in shifts every day throughout opening hours.
  • Distribution service for volumes that are not on open shelves. Local loan Interlibrary loan: bam-prestito@uniroma1.it
  • Supply of documents: bam-prestito@uniroma1.it
  • Books for exams (excluded from loan) Internet stations
  • Catalogographical, bibliographic, textual databases on electronic or online support
  • Wifi
  • To improve orientation in the library and to find out whether volumes are available for external loan, it is useful to consult our "Placement chart"



To access the services, the user must register with the library by submitting a document and inserting it into the University readers' database.

Consultation of the documentary heritage is permitted to all users. The works placed on "open shelves" can be taken directly by the user and consulted exclusively in the room.

Consultation of open shelf collections may be excluded from registration, but, where permitted, monitoring systems may be adopted.

To consult collections stored in rooms not accessible to the public, the user can also advance the request by email or telephone.

The reader is normally allowed to take a maximum of 3 volumes at a time. The user can request other publications, upon return of the previous ones.

Once consultation has been completed, the user does not have to rearrange the volumes in their place on the shelves, but is required to return them to the Library staff.

The return of the works must take place at least 15 minutes before the library closes. Each user is required to behave in a manner that respects ethics and the rules of good use of network services.

The user is directly responsible for illicit or illegal activities, violation of protected access, copyright and user licenses.

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