The personal libraries

In addition to the general collection, the library keeps a considerable number of library collections belonging to teachers who have been involved in the main subjects of the Oriental School, which had been estabilished in 1904. Some acquisitions of personal libraries or parts thereof have not been treated as separate funds, but included in the general library collection. The owners of these collections are being identified in order to virtually "reconstruct" certain parts of the library not previously recorded (Fausto Lasinio, Lodovico Nocentini).

The main collections that have their own location in the library are:

  • Roberto Bertinelli
  • Giuliano Bertuccioli
  • Paolo Daffinà
  • Ignazio and Michelangelo Guidi
  • Luciano Petech
  • Giulio Cesare Teloni
  • Celestino Schiaparelli



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