The Library of Oriental Studies belongs to the Department Italian Institute of Oriental Studies - ISO. Since 2016 it has been located in the Marco Polo building, which allowed the reunification of the two branches into which it had been divided in 2008, transferring one part to Via Principe Amedeo, in the Faculty of Oriental Studies, and leaving the othero one in the Faculty of Humanities. The reunification also allowed the total reunification of the collection, with a consequent improvement in availability for users.

At the moment the library is classified as one of the "large" libraries in Sapienza,  based on the number of volumes, reading places and user services.

Within the library there is also a media library, which mainly collects DVDs of oriental cinema, but also music CDs and other multimedia material.

There are two reading rooms, one on the second floor, at the entrance to the library and one on the first floor, accessed internally by a staircase, which since 2018 houses the WOK (Window on Korea) section. "Window on Korea", is an international project of the National Library of Korea, thanks to which an agreement has been stipulated between the two institutions that has provided for a donation of bibliographic material concerning Korea and the donation of furniture and furnishings for the setting up of the Room. 


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