Search the main catalogue

Through Sapienza Catalog it is possible to search for ancient and modern books, scientific journals, audio-video materials  owned by Sapienza libraries. Furthermore, by logging in with the Infostud credentials, it is possible to request books on loan and check books avaialbility.

Discovery Sapienza

Discovery Sapienza is a powerful search engine that allows you to simultaneously query most of the university's bibliographic resources. Research is carried out on the Sapienza Catalog, ejournals, eBook collections and databases.

Sapienza databases

Sapienza Libraries have a large number of databases, both "full text" and "bibliographic". The "full text" ones allow you to find the complete text of a large number of publications of different types (books, reviews, theses, conference proceedings, unpublished texts, sources, etc.). "Bibliographic" databases, on the other hand, are search tools that allow you to find the bibliographic references (author, title, year of publication, abstract, etc.) of a large number of publications of different types, but not their full text.

SBN Catalogue

The SBN catalog allows for simultaneous research on the bibliographic heritage of more than 6,500 Italian libraries. Once the resource of interest has been found, it is possible to view the list of libraries that own it.

ACNP Catalogue

To search for journals owned by almost 2000 Italian libraries.


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