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The Library of Dentistry, Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology has a rich document collection, largely made up of major journals of dentistry, maxillo-facial surgery, otolaryngology and ophthalmology. It also has volumes dedicated to the study and the deepening of the disciplines to which it is dedicated. It consists of four subject area: Dentistry, Maxillo Facial Surgery, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology. The foreign libraries for informations on services contact: bibliotecaodontoiatria@uniroma1.it

  • Opening hours and locations of the library

Headquarter of the services: via Caserta, 6 - phone: +390649918169 - mailto: bibliotecaodontoiatria@uniroma1.it


                                                                                   OPAC of the Library


  • International Inter Library Loan and Document Delivery
    The foreign libraries for the requests and the information on the costs of the service contact bibliotecaodontoiatria@uniroma1.itThe loan period is 45 days for all foreign libraries. The borrowing library assumes responsibility for the safety of borrowed materials from the time the material leaves the lending library until it is returned safely. 
  • Consultation of historical archives and antique materials
      The library hold several antiques books that include also rare edition. For the consultation of such materials, send an email at: roberta.manente@uniroma1.it .
  • Reference services
      Personal assistance is available by specialised librarians in the library. 

For information send an email at: bibliotecaodontoiatria@uniroma1.it