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Martedì, 12 Aprile, 2022




Mechatronics Engineer (BE-CEM-MRO-2021-131-LD)

  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Contract


Job Description


Have you always wanted to be challenged with the exploitation of mechatronics and control systems for beam intercepting devices and robotics in the CERN accelerators? Do you want to participate in projects from the initial design stages up to the commissioning phases? Would you like to apply your technical knowledge to be involved in the design, development and maintenance of complex mechatronic devices? If you relish a challenge, join CERN`s Mechatronics, Robotics and Operation section and realize your potential. Take part!

You will join the Beams Department (BE), the Controls Electronics and Mechatronics Group (CEM), and in particular the Mechatronics, Robotics and Operation section (MRO), responsible for the design and the operation of the mechatronics of the CERN accelerators beam intercepting devices (BIDs) as well as the development of robotic solutions for remote inspections and tele-manipulation in hazardous areas.



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