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Giovedì, 4 Aprile, 2019

Welcome to the DIET International Study Program
"The DIET International Study Program provides a wide academic offer of courses taught in English. By attending such courses, students will be able to bind a solid technical formation with a global Engineering learning perspective, and, as such, be capable of embracing innovation, while keeping deeply rooted in the fundamentals of Engineering.
Courses cover a variety of topics and are meant for a wide audience, such as incoming Erasmus Master’s students, visiting and exchange Master’s students from EU/non EU Academic Institutions, PhD Students from abroad, willing to widen their perspective and develop their theoretical and experimental skills in the DIET laboratories. Prospective students are invited to visit the SAPIENZA webpage for additional details on different visiting programs. Note that also regular Sapienza students may attend English courses to enrich their technical skills, improve their abilities to adjust  to international environments, and become familiar with most recent technical achievements, that are most widely published in English in the Information and Communication Technology field.
Learn more about the up-to-date DIET International Study Program courses and about special opportunities for incoming students by further exploring this website."

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