The Interuniversity Research Center "Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability" (CIRBISES) was born as a continuation of the Interuniversity Research Center "Biodiversity, Phytosociology and Landscape Ecology" (CIRBFEP) and inherits its training principles and skills.

As well as its predecessor, CIRBISES is an inter-university structure created for the study, conservation and management of plant diversity, through the execution and promotion of innovative basic and applied research programs. It also carries out advanced training and dissemination activities in the field of biodiversity.

The Centre's activities make use of:

  • experimental, field and laboratory research on biodiversity on a species, community and landscape scale and more generally on the conservation of biodiversity;
  • experimental research in the field of symphysosociology and geosinfitosociology to classify and characterize plant landscape in dynamic terms;
  • experimental research for the development of monitoring systems and identification of guidelines for the management, protection of biodiversity and the definition of action plans for the conservation of biodiversity on a species, community and landscape scale.