• Promote, develop and disseminate, in a disciplinary integration perspective, areas of theoretical and operational research for the recovery of the natural environment and of the architectural and urban space always considering related historical problems;
  • Promote and implement interdisciplinary activities in the field of project management of interventions in urban and extra-urban areas;
  • Promote studies and application on smart city and communities’ programmes
  • Develop energy production systems from renewable sources.
  • Develop studies and training programmes on safety and health during work activities.
  • Cooperate with university and scientific research centres and with national and foreign institutions for initiatives of applied research of high scientific contents.
  • Offer, in Italy and abroad, scientific (and educational) assistance to specialized and high qualification courses in all the fields mentioned above.

The Center is headed by the Director who represents the structure in any operation of law and ensuring its cultural unity. The Director of C.I.T.E.R.A., nominated for the academic years 2018/2021 is Prof. Ing. Fabrizio Cumo, full-time associate professor at the Department DPDTA- Planning, Design and Technology of the Faculty of Architecture.

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