About us

The department of clinical and molecular medicine, instituted on the 10th of April 2009 (D.R. n. 167/2009) operates at the Hospital Agency Sant’Andrea in Rome.

Based on their strong integration already existing on basic and applied research programs aimed at diagnostics and therapy, and by virtue of their assistance activity already organized in DAI, the professors involved established at the Sant'Andrea Hospital ( DAI of Diagnostic Sciences, DAI of Medical Sciences, DAI of Cardio-Thoracic Vascular Sciences, DAI of Oncological Sciences, DAI of Nephrological and Urological Sciences), aim to:

  •  promote the advancement of knowledge on the etiopathogenetic mechanisms of cardiovascular, hematological, respiratory, endocrine, nephrological, urological, oncological, immune and hereditary diseases;
  • develop research topics in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology aimed at identifying new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for application in pathologies of high impact in the socio-health sector;
  • experiment with new theoretical-practical didactic activities for training in the biomedical and surgical sectors.

To achieve these objectives, the teachers propose, also through the complementarity of their sector-specific skills, to:

  • optimize the genetic, molecular and cellular technological resources
  • create bio-banks and register epidemiological data
  • develop innovative systems, pathways and protocols for diagnosis and medical-surgical therapy
Delegated Administrative Manager: Dott.ssa Ildefonsa TROMBETTA

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