About us

The Department of Molecular Medicine was created on July 1, 2010 and currently has more than 70 professors, as well as researchers, scholarship holders, doctoral students, specialization school students, and interns, all of whom have specific cultural and technologic interdisciplinary expertise in emerging biomedical fields, such as molecular medicine, nano-biotechnology medicine, bioethics and history of medicine.

The common denominator of the Department’s research activity is the integration between basic and translational research aimed at understanding and identifying the molecular level mechanisms of pathogenesis leading to genetic, infective, degenerative diseases and immune syndromes. Our goal is to develop more focused and innovative diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic tools.

Oncology is a major focus, including the study of the molecular and cellular mechanisms behind neoplasia and the comprehension of the role of immune and inflammatory response of the host, the control of the outbreak, growth and metastasis diffusion of tumours.

Director: Prof. Marella Maroder
Administrative Secretary: Dr. Luigi Basile

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