Master's Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery “B"

The mission of the Master’s Degree Course is to train doctors with a biomedical-psycho-social culture. The doctors trained by Degree Course will have a multidisciplinary and integrated vision of the most common health and disease problems, with an education oriented to the community, the territory, the prevention of disease and the promotion of health, and with a humanistic culture in aspects of medical interest.

This medical training is the first segment of an education that must last over time so, in this perspective, the emphasis is placed on self-learning, on the development of clinical reasoning and the culture of prevention.

In addition to the frontal lessons, tutorial teaching, interactive discussions of clinical cases and simulation activities, the Master’s Degree Course provides students attendance to Professional Practical Activities which will be progressively more intense in the second three years. The Degree Course also provides attendance of a traineeship. These activities will take place in simulation laboratories and in care and outpatient facilities.

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