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Thursday, March 26, 2015
The professor

Michel Imberty
Emeritus Professor at the University of Paris West - Nanterre - La Défense

will hold the following seminar:

Music and metamorphosis of the time in the twentieth century
"Problems of cognitive psychology"
Abstract - Music is the art of the time. Not only because it develops in the temporal dimension, but also because composing means creating new forms of time. It is an imaginary time, which outlines intimate experiences of human subjectivity, as well as cultural representations and social communication methods. After Wagner and up to Boulez, all the music of the twentieth century seems to deny time, fragmenting it, returning it to a utopian sound space. Could the twentieth century have been the creator of timeless music, of a culture without history? Neuroscience shows that the functioning of the human brain and our relationship with the world are "narrative", and that consciousness itself is temporal, at the highest level. After the integral serialism of the 1950s, composers returned to work on time, thus rediscovering the deeply human roots of music.

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