Gravity Lunches at Sapienza

Spring 2024

20/03/2024: Marcelo Rubio (SISSA), Anisotropic scaling, Lifshitz evolutions and gravitational collapse in Hořava gravity 

13/03/2024: Edgardo Franzin, Parametrized Love numbers of non-rotating black holes,

06/03/2024: Claudio Gambino, Rotating metrics from scattering amplitudes in arbitrary dimensions

28/02/2024: Kyriakos Destounis, Gravitational-wave footprints of astrophysical environments around black holes 

21/02/2024: Alexandru Dima, Gravitational effect from scalar dark matter,

07/02/2024: Elisa Maggio, Systematics in parametrized tests of general relatitity

31/01/2024: Davide Perrone, Non-linear black hole ringdowns from symmetry and analytical properties

24/01/2024: Flaminia Giacomini, Quantum systems as gravitational sources: which quantim aspects of gravity can we test?

17/01/2024: Enrico Cannizzaro, Searching for new physics in the neighborhood of the black hole: fundamental interactions, plasmas and tests of gravity (PhD thesis dissertation rehearsal); Fabrizio Corelli, Tackling Conceptual Problems in Gravity with Numerically Simulated Gedanken Experiments (PhD thesis dissertation rehearsal)

10/01/2024: Susanna Barsanti, Testing General Relativity with Gravitational Waves from Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals (PhD thesis dissertation rehearsal)

Fall 2023

18/12/2023: Valerio De Luca, Superfluid dark matter around black holes

06/12/2023: Francesco Crescimbeni, Measuring distance and inclination of processing compact binaries with gravitational waves

01/12/2023: Loris Del Grosso, Dark Photon Stars: Formation and Role as Dark Matter Substructure

24/11/2023: Georgios Antoniou, New perspectives on scalar fields in strong gravity

15/11/2023: Neil Lu, GW190521: tracing imprints of spin-precession on the most massive black hole binary

08/11/2023: Marco Melis, Sourcing the Kerr geometry

18/10/2023: Juan Urrutia, What can we learn from the recent PTA?

11/10/2023: Kyriakos Destounis, Supermassive boson stars in extreme-mass-ratio inspirals: resonances and gravitational waves

28/09/2023: Adriano Mascioli, Searching for evidences of Exotic Compact Objects from the spin distribution of compact binary coalescences

22/09/2023: Seminar by Davide Racco, Utilizing the causal spectrum of gravitational waves: implications for Pulsar Timing Arrays,

15/09/2023: No speaker, discussion on group meeting organization

Spring 2023

21/07/2023: Gabriele Franciolini, PTA announcements and the implications for astrophysics and cosmology

14/07/2023: Loris del Grosso, Gravitational pair production and replies,,

07/07/2023: Robin Croft, Intro to numerical relativity and 3+1 formalism

23/06/2023: Fabrizio Corelli, Nonlinear photon-plasma interaction and the black-hole superradiant instability

14/06/2023: Courty Aubin, Quasinormal Modes instability in a charged black hole spacetimes, and a look at Strong Cosmic Censorship

09/06/2023: Enrico Cannizzaro, Superradiance by axions

31/05/2023: Edgardo Franzin, Regular black holes, compact objects and phenomenology

26/05/2023: Massimo Vaglio and Lorenzo Pierini rehearsed their PhD thesis dissertation

19/05/2023: Nicholas Loutrel, Towards understanding nonlinearities in black hole ringdowns with pertirbation theory

28/04/2023: Adriano Mascioli, Comprehensive exploration of systematic efforts by performing Bayesian inference with synthetic data for a network of current and planned GW detectors and for the third-generation interferometer Einstein Telescope (ET)

21/04/2023: Antonio Iovino, The Cosmic Gravitational Wave Background (CGWB) is an irreducible background of gravitational waves generated by particle exchange in the early Universe plasma,

14/04/2023: Marco Melis, Quasinormal modes of a holonomy corrected Schwarzschild black hole (; Peculiar properties in quasi-normal spectra from loop quantum gravity effect (

31/03/2023: Jacopo Lestingi, Extreme mass-ratio inspirals as probes of fundamental dipoles

24/03/2023: Giuseppe Lingetti, Spherical harmonics decomposition of perturbations in Kerr spacetime and Chebyshev methods to solve the equations for quasi-bound states 

15/03/2023: Kyriakos Destounis, Holographic superconductors,

Virtual Gravity Seminars

Zoom link:
ID meeting: 812 8370 7469 

(all times refer to CET/CEST)

Spring 2022

10/03/2022 h16:00: "The calm after the storm: the black hole ringdown beyond linear perturbation theory", Laura Sberna (AEI, DE)

16/02/2022 h15:00: "Ringdown overtones in black hole binary mergers", Roberto Cotesta (JHU, USA)

09/02/2022 h15:00: "Gravitational waveforms for compact binaries from second-order self-force theory", Niels Warburton

Fall 2021

28/10/2021 h16:00: "Primordial Black Holes and Gravitational Waves observations"Gabriele Franciolini (Geneve)

28/09/2021 h17:00: "Black-hole formation and postmerger gravitational-wave emission of neutron star binaries", Andreas Bauswein

Spring 2021

28/07/2021 h16:00: "On the assumptions leading to the information loss paradox", Francesco Di Filippo (Yukawa Institute)

21/07/2021 h16:00: "Binary Black Hole Mergers beyond General Relativity", Maria Okounkova (Flatiron Institute, New York)

05/07/2021 h12:00: "Constraining ultralight scalar fields around M87 black hole using the EHT shadow", Pedro Cunha (Aveiro U.)

23/06/2021 h16:00: "A nuclear physics - multi-messenger astronomy analysis of binary neutron star mergers", Tim Dietrich (AEI Potsdam)

14/06/2021 h12:00: "Measuring in the Neutron Star Equation-of-State: Challenges and Prospects in Gravitational-Wave Astronomy", Anuradha Samajdar (U. Milano Bicocca)

26/05/2021 h16:00: "Recent advances in the black hole information problem", by Jorge Rocha (ISCTE, PT)

10/05/2021 h12:00: "Modeling gravitational waves from exotic compact objects", by Alexandre Toubiana (APC Paris)

05/05/2021 h16:00: "Computing the second order curvature perturbations of Kerr black holes", by Justin Ripley (DAMTP, Cambridge University) 

24/03/2021 h16:00: "Evolving Binary Black Hole Spacetimes Beyond Einstein", by William East, Perimeter Institute (CAN)

17/03/2021 h16:00: "General relativistic simulations of the common-envelope evolution ", by Alejandro Cruz, Frankfurt University (DE)

15/03/2021 h12:00: "Quantum black hole spectroscopy: probing the quantum nature of the black hole area using LIGO-Virgo ringdown detections", by Danny Laghi & Gregorio Carullo (Pisa, IT) 

08/02/2020 h12:00: "Probing elastic quark phases in hybrid stars", by Jonas P. Pereira, Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (Warsaw, PL)

25/01/2020 h11:00: "Non-linearly ghost-free higher curvature gravity", by Katsuki Aoki, Kyoto University (JP)

Fall 2020

16/12/2020 h16:00: "Waveform systematics in the gravitational-wave inference of tidal parameters and equation of state from binary neutron star signals", by Rossella Gamba, Jena (DE)

09/12/2020 h14:00: "From Boundary Data to Bound States", by Rafael Porto, DESY (DE)

02/12/2020 h16:00: "Tidal Deformation and Dissipation of Rotating Black Holes", by Horng Sheng Chia, IAS (USA)

30/11/2020 h11:00: "Light in the dark: GW190521 as a Proca star merger", by Nico Sanchis-Gual, IST (PT)

04/11/2020 h16:00: "The mass gap, the spin gap, and the origin of merging binary black holes", by Vishal Baibhav, JHU (US)

19/10/2020 h11:00: "Bayesian Metric Reconstruction with Gravitational Wave Observations", by Sebastian Volkel, SISSA (IT)

Virtual Group Meetings (organized by Elisa and Gonçalo)

Spring 2022

28/06/2022: Seminar by Andrea Sabatucci

21/06/2022: Giuseppe Lingetti,

07/06/2022: Enrico Cannizzaro, Superradianr instabilities in the presence of plasma

06/06/2022: Seminar by Barak Kol

31/05/2022: Julio Arrechea, Semiclassical gravity and new stages in stellar evolution

10/05/2022: Gabriel Piovano, Rehersal PhD Defense "Spinning compact objects in extreme-mass ratio inspirals"

03/05/2022 Susanna Barsanti, Extreme mass ratio inspirals as probes of scalar fields: eccentric orbits around Kerr black holes

26/04/2022: Fabrizio Corelli,,,

12/04/2022: Gonçalo Castro, Research work: The impact of spin-tidal couplings in neutron star inspirals

03/03/2022: Costantino Pacilio, Review of the arXiv: , 

23/02/2022: Thomas Spieksma, Gravitational atoms in binary systems

16/02/2022: Seminar by Roberto Cotesta

10/02/2022: Seminar by Simone Speziale

09/02/2022: Seminar by Niels Warburton

02/02/2022: Taishi Ikeda, Black Hole eating boson star,

26/01/2022: Seminar by David Perenniguez

19/01/2022: Gabriel Piovano, Review of the arXiv:,

12/01/2022: Massimo Vaglio, Review of the arXiv:,,

Fall 2021

01/12/2021: Andrea Sabatucci, Modelling Nuclear Dynamics in the Age of Multimessenger Astrophysics

24/11/2021: Costantino Pacilio, Review of the arXiv and

17/11/2021: Gabriele Franciolini, Review of the arXiv and

10/11/2021: Daniela Doneva, Dynamical development of scalar hair- standard and fully nonlinear scalarization

03/11/2021: Giuseppe Lingetti, Review of the arXiv,

28/10/2021: Gabriele Franciolini (Geneve), Primordial Black Holes and Gravitational Waves observations

20/10/2021: Swetha Bhagwat, Black-hole spectroscopy with LISA

13/10/2021: Gonçalo Castro, Review of the arXiv,

06/10/2021: Andrea Maselli,,

28/09/2021: Andreas Bauswein, Black-hole formation and postmerger gravitational-wave emission of neutron star binaries

23/09/2021: Susanna Barsanti, Detecting Subsolar-Mass Primordial Black Hole with Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral with Lisa and ET; Pantelis Pnigouras, Review of the arXiv,

15/09/2021: Enrico Cannizzaro, Photon-plasma interactions around black holes; Fabrizio Corelli, Challenging the cosmic censorship in Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theory with numerically simulated gedankenexperiments

06/09/2021: Nicholas Loutrel, Analytic Waveforms for Spin Processing Binaries in dynamical Chern-Simons Gravity 

Spring 2021

28/07/2021: Francesco Di Filippo (Yukawa Institute), On the assumptions leading to the information loss paradox

26/07/2021: Marina de Amicis, Black hole evaporation in Einstein-dilaton-Gauss-Bonnet gravity

21/07/2021: Maria Okounkova (Flatiron Institute, New York), Binary Black Hole Mergers beyond General Relativity

19/07/2021: Ilia Musco, Causal nature and dynamics of trapping horizons in black hole collapse; Susanna Barsanti, Detecting foundamental fields with LISA, GWs through second order in the mass ratio

12/07/2021: Lucas Tonetto, Impact of the PSR J0740+6620 radius constraint on the properties of high-density matter ; Valerio De Luca, Tidal deformability of dressed black holes and tests of ultralight bosons in extended mass ranges

05/07/2021: Pedro Cunha (Aveiro U.), Constraining ultralight scalar fields around M87 black hole using the EHT shadow

28/06/2021: Richard Brito, GW190521: A dynamical capture of two black holes; Pantelis Pnigouras, Gravitational-wave-driven tidal secular instability in neutron star binaries

23/06/2021: Tim Dietrich (AEI Potsdam), A nuclear physics - multi-messenger astronomy analysis of binary neutron star mergers

21/06/2021: Guilherme Raposo, Relativistic elasticity and its effects on the structure and modeling of compact objects; Gabriel Piovano, Geodesics and quasi-normal modes of a tidally perturbed spacetime

14/06/2021: Anuradha Samajdar (U. Milano Bicocca), Measuring the Neutron Star Equation-of-State: Challenges and Prospects in Gravitational-Wave Astronomy

07/06/2021: Enrico Cannizzaro, BH superradiance of self-interacting scalar fields; Elisa Maggio, Echoes from spinning exotic compact objects

31/05/2021: Massimo Vaglio, Review of the arXiv:,, ; Taishi Ikeda, Fuzzballs and Instability of the scalar fields around oscillating stars

26/05/2021: Jorge Rocha (ISCTE, PT), Recent advances in the black hole information problem

24/05/2021: Giuseppe Lingetti, Review of the arXiv:,; Andrea Sabatucci, Nuclear many-body theory beyond non-relativistic approximation

17/05/2021: Lorenzo Pierini, Review of the arXiv:,; Swetha Bhagwat,  Multimode black hole ringdown spectrum

10/05/2021: Alexandre Toubiana (APC Paris), Modeling gravitational waves from exotic compact objects

05/05/2021: Justin Ripley (DAMTP, Cambridge University), Computing the second order curvature perturbations of Kerr black holes 

03/05/2021: Lorenzo Anulli (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon), Generalizing the Close Limit Approximation

26/04/2021: Richard Brito, Constraints on quasi-normal modes with LIGO/Virgo observations (; Costantino Pacilio, Constraints on neutron star equation of state with third-generation detectors (

19/04/2021: Guilherme Raposo, Rehearsal of the PhD defense

12/04/2021: Gonçalo Castro, Rotational tidal Love numbers (; Fabrizio Corelli, Spontaneous vectorization in Einstein-Maxwell-Vector Gravity ( in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet (

29/03/2021: Ilia Musco, Traversable wormholes (,; Lucas Tonetto, Bayesian inference of overlapping GW signals (,

24/03/2021: William East (Perimeter Institute), Evolving Binary Black Hole Spacetimes Beyond Einstein

22/03/2021: Enrico Cannizzaro, Plasma-photon interactions in curved spacetime; Pantelis Pnigouras, Spin effects on neutron star dynamical tides (

17/03/2021: Alejandro Cruz (Frankfurt U.), General relativistic simulations of the common-envelope evolution

15/03/2021: Danny Laghi & Gregorio Carullo (Pisa, IT), Quantum black hole spectroscopy: probing the quantum nature of the black hole area using LIGO-Virgo ringdown detections

08/03/2021: Valerio De Luca, Introduction on primordial black holes and focus on the possible connection between the NANOGrav 12.5 yr signal and the formation of primordial black holes

01/03/2021: Andrea Sabatucci, Nuclear dynamics and neutron star structure; Giuseppe Lingetti, Solving field equations in Kerr spacetime through Čebyšëv interpolation and non-linear inverse iteration (part 2: extending to massive tensor perturbations) 

22/02/2021: Susanna Barsanti, Adiabatic waveforms for EMRIs via multivoice decomposition (; Gabriel Piovano, Rapid generation of EMRIs waveforms ( 

15/02/2021: Taishi Ikeda, Review of the arXiv; Costantino Pacilio, Merger-Ringdown Consistency: a new test of strong gravity using deep learning (

08/02/2021: Jonas P. Pereira (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw), Probing elastic quark phases in hybrid stars 

01/02/2021: Swetha Bhagwat, Merger-Ringdown Consistency: a new test of strong gravity using deep learning (; Massimo Vaglio, Stability of rotating boson stars with nonlinear interactions (

25/01/2021: Katsuki Aoki (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University), Non-linearly ghost-free higher curvature gravity

18/01/2021: Fabrizio Corelli, Spin-induced black hole scalarization in Einstein-scalar-Gauss-Bonnet gravity; Gonçalo Castro, Review of the arXiv

11/01/2021: Lorenzo Pierini, Quasi-normal modes of slowly rotating black holes in Einstein-dilaton-Gauss-Bonnet gravity; Elisa Maggio Review of the arXiv

Fall 2020

16/12/2020: Rossella Gamba (Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena), Waveform systematics in the gravitational-wave inference of tidal parameters and equation of state from binary neutron star signals

14/12/2020: Giuseppe Lingetti, Solving field equations in Kerr spacetime through Čebyšëv interpolation and non-linear inverse iteration (part 1: massive scalar field quasi-bound states) (computation based on:; Ilia Musco, Primordial black holes: formation mechanism and cosmological impact (

09/12/2020: Rafael Porto (DESY), From Boundary Data to Bound States

07/12/2020: Susanna Barsanti, Scalar fields around Kerr black holes in extreme mass ratio inspirals (; Lucas Tonetto, Constraining twin stars with GW170817 (

02/12/2020: Horng Sheng Chia (Princeton University), Tidal Deformation and Dissipation of Rotating Black Holes

30/11/2020: Nicolas Sanchis-Gual (Instituto Superior Técnico), Light in the dark: GW190521 as a Proca star merger

23/11/2020: Fabrizio Corelli, Spontaneous scalarization of charged black holes (; Enrico Cannizzaro, Photon-plasma interaction in curved spacetimes

16/11/2020: Richard Brito, GWTC-2 and General Relativity tests (,,

09/11/2020: Lorenzo Anulli, Direct determination of supermassive black hole properties with gravitational-wave radiation from surrounding stellar-mass black hole binaries (; Gabriel Piovano, How to with Mathematica, part 1- Scripts and parallel computation

04/11/2020: Seminar by Vishal Baibhav (Johns Hopkins University), The mass gap, the spin gap, and the origin of merging binary black holes

02/11/2020: Swetha Bhagwat, Weekly update of the arXiv; Pantelis Pnigouras, Exploring the effective tidal deformability of neutron stars

26/10/2020: Gonçalo Castro, Tidal deformation of rotating black holes (; Lorenzo Pierini, Weekly update of the arXiv

19/10/2020: Seminar by Sebastian Volkel (SISSA), Bayesian Metric Reconstruction with Gravitational Wave Observations

12/10/2020: Margherita Fasano, Neutron star equation of state: the importance of measuring the post-merger signal (ongoing research); Giuseppe Lingetti, Separability of massive spin-1 fields in spinning BHs (,

05/10/2020: Taishi Ikeda, Black hole binaries and light fields (; Gabriel Piovano, Technique to solve the radial Teukolsky equation (

28/09/2020: Andrea Maselli & Andrea Sabatucci, Constraining three-nucleon potential from neutron star observations; Elisa Maggio, Weekly update of the arXiv

21/09/2020: Guilherme Raposo, Multipole moments of Fuzzballs (,; Costantino Pacilio, Weekly update of the arXiv

14/09/2020: Massimo Vaglio, Numerical method for rotating massive boson stars; Richard Brito GW190521 (,

Spring 2020

24/07/2020: Lorenzo Pierini, Quasi-normal modes of rotating black holes in higher-derivative gravity (; Paolo Pani, Candidate electromagnetic counterpart to the binary black hole merger S190521g (

17/07/2020: Gonçalo Castro, Love numbers of spinning black holes (; Giuseppe Lingetti, Gravitational waves in effective field theories of gravity (

10/07/2020: Lorenzo Anulli (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon), Stirred and shaken: dynamical behavior of boson stars and dark matter cores

03/07/2020: Gabriel Piovano, Parameter estimation for a spinning secondary in EMRIs; Elisa Maggio, Ringdown of dark compact objects (

26/06/2020: Swetha Bhagwat, GW190814 (; Margherita FasanoDistinguishing double neutron star from neutron star-black hole binary populations with gravitational wave observations (

19/06/2020: Richard Brito, Spin-induced black hole spontaneous scalarization (; Vania Vellucci, Black hole spectroscopy with multiple events

12/06/2020: João Luís Rosa (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon), Stability regimes of the Kerr black-hole in a hybrid metric-Palatini formalism

05/06/2020: Costantino Pacilio, Recognizing black holes with tidal heating effects (; Irene Fabbri, Constraints on the equation of state of neutron stars through a Bayesian analysis

29/05/2020: Guilherme Raposo, Beginner's guide to relativistic elasticity; Marina de Amicis, On the evolution of a charged black hole due to Hawking radiation

22/05/2020: Fabrizio Corelli, Perturbative approach to Einstein-scalar-Gauss-Bonnet gravity; Andrea Maselli, Constraints on the equations of state

15/05/2020: Massimo Vaglio, Emission of scalar radiation in boson star binaries; Enrico Cannizzaro, Black holes surrounded by plasma

08/05/2020: Andrea Maselli, GW190412 as a merger with a rapidly spinning secondary (; Elisa Maggio, Probing resonances of exotic compact objects in O1 and O2 (

30/04/2020: Margherita Fasano, Introduction to the Bilby code

23/04/2020: Richard Brito, GW190412 (; Paolo Pani, Black hole quasi-normal mode instability (

16/04/2020: Gabriel Piovano, Extreme mass ratio inspirals with spinning secondary and tests of the Kerr bound (; Lorenzo Annulli, Einstein-Maxwell-scalar black holes (

09/04/2020: Swetha Bhagwat, Non linearities in binary black hole mergers (; Lorenzo Pierini, Quasi-normal modes of black holes in Einstein-dilaton Gauss-Bonnet gravity

02/04/2020: Gonçalo Castro, Tidal resonances in neutron star inspirals (; Guilherme Raposo, Tidal deformations of stars with crust (

26/03/2020: Costantino Pacilio

19/03/2020: Giuseppe Lingetti, Superradiance in Kerr black holes and tensor decomposition (

Gravity Lunch 2019 [@ Sala Lauree]

19 March 2020: Margherita Fasano on BBH vs BNS
05 March 2020: Francesco on his master thesis
20 February 2020: Andrea Maselli on Lense-Thirring and pulsars
06 February 2020: Swetha Bhagwat on GW190425 
13 December 2019: Luca Graziani
29 November 2019: Swetha Bhagwat on overtones
08 November 2019: Lucas Tonetto on NS EoS with phase transitions
25 October 2019: Gabriel Piovano on EMRIs
15 October 2019: Purnendu Karmakar 
23 September 2019: Flavio Riccardi on his thesis
10 September 2019: Costantino Pacilio on his PhD thesis

Past visitors

Marcelo Rubio (SISSA): 19-21 Mar 2024

Elisa Maggio (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Albert Einstein Institute): 07 Feb 2024

Davide Perrone (University of Geneva, Geneva): 31 Jan 2024

Flaminia Giacomini (ETH, Zurich): 24 Jan 2024

Juan Urrutia (KBFI, Tallin): 17 Oct - 19 Oct 2023

Davide Racco (ETH Zurich): 22 Sep 2023

Nicolas Yunes (Illinois Center for Advanced Studies of the Universe, Department of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): 18 Sep - 19 Sep 2023

Sajal Mukherjee (Astronomical Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague): 22 Feb - 15 Mar 2023

Sreejith Nair (PhD at ITT Grandhinagar): 22 Feb 2023

Edgardo Franzin (SISSA, International School for Advanced Studies):  31 May 2023

Aubin Courty (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, site René Descartes): 13 Mar - 30 Jun 2023 

Arthur Suvorov (Manly Astrophysics, Sydney, Australia and University of Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Germany): 28 Mar - 4 Apr 2023

Elisa Maggio (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Albert Einstein Institute): 24 Feb - 4 Mar 2023

Sajal Mukherjee (Astronomical Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences): 22 Feb - 15 Mar 2023

Sreejith Nair (IIT Gandhinagar): 22 Feb 2023

Lionel London (MIT): 2-8 Mar 2020

Pantelis Pnigouras (Southampton University): 28-30 Jan 2020

Sara Grillo (Milano Bicocca): 25 Nov - 17 Dec 2019

Shuang-Yong Zhou (USTC) 3-4 December 2019

Taishi Ikeda (CENTRA, IST, Lisbon): 11-15 November 2019

Luca Buoninfante (Salerno U. & Groningen): 21-25 October 2019

Caio Macedo (Para' University): 3 October 2019

Anupam Mazumdar (Groningen U.): 24 September 2019

Costantino Pacilio (SISSA): 10 September 2019

Emanuele Berti (JHU): July-August 2019

Andrea Caputo: July 2019

Cosimo Bambi (Fudan U.): July 22nd, 2019

Qingwen Wang (Perimeter Institute): 18-24 June 2019

Daniela Doneva (Tubingen U.): 18-20 May 2019

David Marsh (Gottingem U.): 20-24 May 2019

Luca Bonifante (Salerno U. & Groningen): 20-24 May 2019

Miguel Bezares (Palma U., Spain): Nov 2018

Sayan Datta (IUCAA, India): Oct-Nov 2018

Enrico Barausse (IAP, Paris: 30 May 2018  "The quest for low frequency gravitational waves"

Swetha Bhagwat (Syracuse U.): 23 Apr  2018  "Challenges with binary black hole ringdowns​"

Elisa Maggio (Sheffield U.): Apr. 2018

Raúl Carballo-Rubio (SISSA): 21 Mar 2018  "Semiclassical relativistic stars"

Robert Benkel (Nottingham U.): Feb 2018

Sebastiano Bernuzzi (Parma U.): 21 Feb  2018  "Modeling gravitational-waves from binary neutron stars"

Davide Gerosa (Caltech): 15 Jan  2018  "Where do binary black holes come from? How do we find it out?"

Organized Workshops

First TEONGRAV international workshop on the theory of gravitational waves, 16-20 Sep 2024, Rome (Italy) -

First Bottom-Up Cross-Cutting Workshop of the JENAS Initiative “Gravitational Wave Probes of Fundamental Physics”, 12-16 Feb 2024, Rome (Italy) -

Future Perspective on Primordial Black Holes, 11-13 Dec 2023, Rome (Italy) -

4th meeting of the PRIN Network "String Theory as a bridge between Gauge Theories and Quantum Gravity", 19-20 Oct 2023, Rome (Italy) -

The EuCAPT Workshop "Gravitational wave probes of black hole environments", 15-17 June 2022, Rome (Italy) -

Strong Gravity Beyond, 24-26 Jun 2020 (postponed to June 2021), Sardinia (Italy)

Lost In Gravity 2019, 28-30 Aug 2019, Saint Flour (France)

Fundamental Physics with LISA, 12-14 Nov 2018, Galilei Institute (Florence, Italy)

On the crest of the wave: a four-decade long scientific journey in honor of Valeria Ferrari, 22 Feb 2019, Sapienza University of Rome (Rome, Italy)

International day of Women and Girls in Science, 11 Feb 2019, Sapienza University of Rome (Rome, Italy)

Organized Schools

Amaldi Research Center Summer School,  5-9 Sep, 2022 (Paestum, Italy) -

SIGRAV School “Gravity: General Relativity and Beyond. Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitational Waves”, 3-7 Feb 2020 (Vietri Sul Mare, Salerno, Italy)

GGI School "Theoretical Aspects of Astroparticle Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation", 11-22 Jan 2019, Galilei Institute (Florence, Italy)

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