Several master and PhD theses are available, please contact us for more information. Typically, we collect the applications for the master theses in September/October, and assign a limited number of theses by October.


PhD Theses


  1. TDB; Marco Melis [supervisor: Paolo Pani]


  1. TDB; Loris Del Grosso [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  2. TBD: Antonio Junior Iovino [supervisor: Alfredo Urbano]


  1. EMRIs in modified gravity; Susanna Barsanti [supervisor: Leonardo Gualtieri];
  2. Black hole formation in modified gravity: Fabrizio Corelli [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  3. Plasma effects in curved spacetime: Enrico Cannizzaro [supervisor: Paolo Pani]


  1. Ringdown in modified gravity; Lorenzo Pierini [supervisor: Leonardo Gualteri]
  2. GW modellng of boson-star binaries; Massimo Vaglio [ supervisors: Andrea Maselli Paolo Pani]
  3. Numerical aspects of black-hole superradiance; Giuseppe Lingetti [supervisors: Paolo Pani / Richard Brito]


  1. Tidal deformability in General Relativity and beyond; Goncalo Castro [supervisor: Leonardo Gualteri]
  2. Probing the horizon of black holes through gravitational waves; Elisa Maggio [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  3. Testing the nature of compact objects with EMRIs; Gabriel Piovano [supervisor: Andrea Maselli / Paolo Pani]


  1. Constraining the equation of state of neutron stars with astrophysical and gravitational wave observations; Margherita Fasano [supervisors: Valeria Ferrari / Andrea Maselli]
  2. Testing the nature of black holes with gravitational waves; Guilherme Raposo [supervisor: Paolo Pani]

Master Theses


  1. Scalar fields around Kerr black holes in extreme mass ratio inspirals; Susanna Barsanti [supervisor: Andrea Maselli]
  2. Photon-Plasma interaction in curved spacetime; Enrico Cannizzaro [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  3. Instability of Schwarzschild Black Holes in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity: Perturbative Approach and Time-Domain Analysis; Fabrizio Corelli [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  4. Multi-band analysis of the neutron star equation of state with future gravitational wave and electromagnetic observatories; Giulio Danella [supervisor: Andrea Maselli]
  5. Hawking radiation in modified gravity; Marina de Amicis [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  6. Quasi periodic oscillations and the neutron star equation of state; Irene Fabbri [supervisor: Andrea Maselli] 


  1. On the Vainshtein mechanism for compact objects in modified theories of gravity; Flavio Riccardi [supervisor: Paolo Pani] (moved to PhD at SISSA)
  2. Multipole moments beyond Kerr; Francesco di Pasqua [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  3. Spin-2 superradiance; Sara Grillo [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  4. Gravitational Waves from Extreme Mass-Ratio Inspirals in Einstein-dilaton-Gauss-Bonnet gravity; Lorenzo Pierini [supervisor: Leonardo Gualtieri]
  5. A slow-rotation expansion of quasi-normal modes of Kerr black holes; Matteo Pracchia [supervisor: Leonardo Gualtieri]
  6. Scalarized black hole solutions in modified Gauss-Bonnet gravity; Jacopo Busatto [supervisor: Leonardo Gualtieri]
  7. Structure of compact stars in modified theories of gravity; Marco Di Bella [supervisor: Leonardo Gualtieri]


  1. Quasi-Normal Modes excitation in coalescence processes; Rita Fiorini [supervisor: Valeria Ferrari] 
  2. Viability of gravastars as dark compact objects:  stability analysis for static and rotating solutions; Emanuele D'Angelo [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  3. Gravitational-wave spectroscopy of exotic compact objects: eikonal approximation and tests of the no-hair theorem; Arianna Foschi [supervisor: Paolo Pani] (moved to PhD at IST, Lisbon)
  4. On general parametrisations for non-rotating black hole solutions in modified gravity theories; Giuseppe Lingetti [supervisor: Paolo Pani]
  5. Tests on the nature of compact objects: an analytical template for gravitational-wave echoes; Adriano Testa [supervisor: Paolo Pani] (moved to PhD at Caltech)
  6. Relativistic Axion stars; Davide Guerra [supervisor: Paolo Pani]


  1. Evolution of the black hole superradiant instability in the presence of multiple modes; Giuseppe Ficarra [supervisor: Paolo Pani] (moved to PhD at King's College London)
  2. On theoretical constraints on Palatini modified gravity; Giulia Ventagli [supervisor: Paolo Pani] (moved to PhD at Nottingham University)


  1. Early-universe Cìcosmology in Einstein-Scalar-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity; Laura Sberna [supervisor: Paolo Pani] (moved to PhD at Perimeter Institute)
  2. Constraining Black Holes with Light Boson Hair Using QPOs; Nicola Franchini [supervisor: Paolo Pani] (moved to PhD at Nottingham University)
  3. Exotic compact objects as black-hole mimickers spectroscopy and stability of wormholes; Elisa Maggio [supervisor: Paolo Pani] (moved to PhD at Sheffeld University, then Sapienza)

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