The Gravity Group @ LISA Symposium XIII

The LISA Symposium is a three-day online conference of live and pre-recorded presentations, open to everyone

The program is devoted to discuss about recent results, problems and discoveries in the field of gravitational wave astrophysics 
with particular connections to phenomena observed in the millihertz band by the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA).

Several pre-recorded taks on multiple subjects including source's modelling, phenomenology of strong gravitational events,
astrophysics of massive soruces, and the development of the LISA mission are already available.

Our group is contributing to the conference with a live talk (by Elisa Maggio on Sep 3rd at 5:15pm CEST), several pre-recorded, live discussions, that you can watch using the follwoing links:

S. Bhagwat: About the modes and tones of Black Hole Ringdowns
R. Brito: Probing ultralight bosons with black holes and gravitational waves
L. Gualtieri: Detecting scalar fields with Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals
E. Maggio: How does a dark compact object ringdown?
A. Maselli: ParSpec: a data-analysis framework for black-hole spectroscopy with multiple events 
C. Pacilio: Constraining fundamental scalar interactions with boson-star binaries
P. Pani: Testing the nature of compact objects with LISA
G. Piovano: Extreme mass ratio inspirals with spinning secondary: a detailed study of equatorial circular motion



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