Superradiance (2020 Edition)

The second edition of the book "Superradiance" by R. Brito, V. Cardoso, and P. Pani has been published online and is also available on Amazon.

This volume gives a unified picture of the multifaceted subject of superradiance, with a focus on recent developments in the field, ranging from fundamental physics to astrophysics. The book covers all our current understanding on the physics of the amplification of waves by a medium, including classical effects such as the Cherenkov effect. The main body of the book deals with superradiance in black hole physics, with important applications in astrophysics and particle physics. Each chapter ends with a list of outstanding open problems and future directions. The second edition corrects a number of typos and, most importantly, adds and updates several sections, reflecting the intense activity in the field in the last years. Current bounds on ultralight fields are summarized in a Table, and will be updated online regularly.

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