The Industrial Neuroscience Laboratory of Sapienza University of Rome, the first in Italy since 1989, develops innovation based on scientific knowledge in the recording and analysis of signals caused by the brain functioning and other physiological processes.

Application are provided where monitoring, instants by instants, instinctive reactions of a human person can generate value for a company with respect to their customers, communications or products.

The applied recording signals techniques are at the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

We have been involved, day by day, in different experimental and industrial area such as:

  • Neuromarketing evaluations (testing of the level of “mental” awareness, effort and appreciation related to commercial ads perception, website and social media, space and product experience).
  • Human Factors: Measuring skilled operators’ – as pilots or air traffic controllers in aeronautics - stress and mental workload in real time and in an operative environment (so not only in the labs), during the operators’ training or during the execution phase of a difficult task.
  • Analysis of impact of different medical devices (cochlear implants or surgical simulators) in the brain perception (in order to test the improvement of the cognitive capabilities or the increasing of the cortical connectivity during the device use). 
  • NeuroAesthetics: Test of beauty perception visiting Museums and looking to Fine Art Masterpieces.