Marcella Corsi

Marcella Corsi is Full professor of economics at the Department of Statistics of Sapienza University of Rome. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Manchester (UK) and a degree in Statistics/Economics from Sapienza University of Rome. In the past, she has carried out several research projects (e.g., about financial exclusion and microfinance, women empowerment, and migration) at international level. She has worked as consultant for OECD, European Parliament and European Commission, and for several Italian institutions. In particular, she has been the scientific coordinator of the network EGGSI (Expert Group on Gender, Social Inclusion, Health and Long-Term Care) on behalf of the European Commission - DG Employment and member of the scientific board of ENEGE (European Network of Experts on Gender Equality), European Commission - DG Justice. Her research currently focuses on issues related with human development (gender equality; women empowerment; poverty; social investment, etc.) and on the evaluation of scientific research. In the past she has dealt with business cycle analysis, technological change, and efficiency of the public sector. She is among the founders of the association Economia Civile ( and of the web-magazine ( From 2013 to 2016, she has been coordinator of the Gender Equality Committee of the Italian Economic Association (SIE). From March 2017 is chief editor of the International Review of Sociology.