Commission for Insurance Quality Management (CGAQ)

The Commission for Insurance Quality Management (CGAQ) is responsible for the activities related to the annual monitoring and the cyclic re-examination of the course. Its main task consists in identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to define a strategy to ensure high quality standards and provide improvement actions for any encountered criticalities.

The Annual Monitoring Form is meant to collect and analyse the most significant information about the CdS for each academic year and contains an analysis of the qualitative indicators calculated by ANVUR on students’ performances, internationalization, placement opportunities for graduates and the quality, congruity and coherence of the CdS.
The Cyclical Re-examination is meant to monitor and analyse the performances of the CdS in the long term (the frequency of examination is established by the central administration of the University) and contains an in-depth evaluation of the overall performance of the CdS based on all the relevant analysis criteria considered in the reference period.

The CGAQ collects all the relevant documents, analyses data and indicators, drafts the Annual Monitoring Form and the Cyclic Re-examination of the CdS to be transmitted to the Board for approval, paying a particular attention on criticalities and the related improvement actions and strategies.

The CGAQ is currently composed of:

Prof. Marco STOLLER - coordinator (
Prof. ssa Rita ASQUINI (
Prof. Giampiero DE CESARE (
Prof. Marco ROSSI (
Enrico FORNITO (rappresentante degli studenti) -  (
Riccardo MATTIA (rappresentante degli studenti) - (
Dott. Ing. Valerio NARDONE (rappresentante TAB) - (

The President of the CdA is directly involved in the CGAQ meetings.
The CGAQ is coordinated and supervised by prof.m. Stoller.