Master Science Program in Nanotechnology Engineering

The Laurea Magistrale degree program in Nanotechnology Engineering offers an advanced multi-disciplinary professional and scientific education based mostly on engineering expertise. The aim of the program is to train students to face and to solve complex problems related to the analysis, development, simulation and optimization of materials, devices and processes based on the use of nanotechnologies in the field of industrial engineering.

During the program students will acquire the following abilities:

management and use of micro- and nano-technologies for the development of materials, biotechnologies and processes to make micro- and nano-devices;

design of micro- and nano-devices based on atomistic simulation techniques for specific functional or multi-functional applications;

design and management of complex micro- and nano-systems;

knowledge and management of issues on safety of nanotechnologies.

The education program is strongly multidisciplinary with transversal expertise. Laboratory activities are largely developed to educate and to train students mostly on applications and fabrication issues. Laboratory activities include nanofabrication techniques, self-assembling of nanostructures, surface engineering techniques, atomistic modelling of nanostructures and nanoscopic characterization techniques.

Analysis and design methods and techniques of new multifunctional, smart materials and micro-, nano-structured surfaces are studied to make mechanical, electrical, electronic, electromagnetic, photonic and hybrid micro- and nano-devices. Furthermore the program includes the study of microfluidic systems and reagents for the transport, separation purification and amplification of cellular and subcellular compounds, of microprobes, of biocompatible materials for tissue and organ recovery and rehabilitation.


Study in Italy

Study in Italy (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation)

NanoInnovation 2018

Nanoinnovation 2018