From Monday, April 26...

From Monday, April 26:   

  •   All lectures and educational activities for all programmes (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhDs) are delivered mainly in person, compatibly with the available seats for each classroom. The same activities will be also available online.
  •     access to the classroom reservation systems will be guaranteed by enabling every other week, from Tuesday to Thursday, students with final digits from 00 to 49 or from 50 to 99 and all students from Friday to Saturday (see the instructions and calendar in the “In-person lectures and classroom reservation section”);
  •  students in the classrooms must follow the MUR guidelines contained in Annex 18 of the Prime Minister Decree of March 2, 2021;  
  •     exams and graduation sessions are carried out primarily in person while ensuring the possibility to take the exam online for specific needs assessed by each structure on a case-by-case basis - giving priority to the written and practical exams – (MUR Guidelines referred to in Annex 18 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of March 2, 2021);
  •  as per MUR guidelines, orientation and tutoring activities are carried out in person;
  •  as per MUR guidelines, professional training in the medical, dental and health professions, laboratory activities, and exercises are carried out in person;
  •  as per MUR guidelines, curricular and extracurricular internships are carried out in person if the necessary safety measures can be guaranteed;
  •  University libraries, reading rooms, study rooms and other facilities that provide services to students carry out their activities in person.

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