Internationalization Committee (CINT)

The Internationalization Committee operates on two levels:

  • It endeavours to promote an excellent educational environment for both Italian and international students, in the context of the increasing prestige of nanotechnology within the global scientific community;
  • It deals with the selection of international students holding a degree obtained from a foreign institution, guaranteeing high quality standards.

On the one hand, the Committee operates to enhance the involvement of the Faculty in the Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus programmes, promoting agreements with European and extra-European universities for incoming and outgoing mobility. To such extent, it maintains relations with companies and research centres to allow students to accomplish a traineeship or research for their thesis abroad. The Academic Supervisor for International Mobility (RAM), chosen among the members of the committee, participates in drafting the calls for Erasmus scholarships of the Faculties ICI and I3S and is responsible for the validation of exams and credits obtained abroad by students. Furthermore, the Committee promotes double degree bilateral agreements with top universities offering study programmes on Nanotechnologies.

On the other hand, the Committee is responsible for preselecting foreign students and evaluating the academic background of Nanotechnology Engineering applicants. The selection is based on the evaluation of qualifications, which considers candidates’ exam scores and contents of their study plan in order to make sure that they have an adequate preparation to successfully attend the master’s degree in Nanotechnology Engineering in compliance with the quality standards established by the CDA.

The Internalization Committee is composed by the following members:

Prof. Giuseppe ZOLLO - Coordinator (
Prof. Antonio D'ALESSANDRO (
Prof. Leonardo MATTIELLO (
Prof. Giovanni PULCI (