Study Plan

The Study plan represents the selection of all the courses a student wants to attend during the complete master's programme. It has to be submitted by the student on Infostud and then approved by the Secretary Office. After the approval, the student will be ready for booking exams. Important information on the Study plan:

  • The study plan can be created only when the student is officially enrolled in the programme and has paid the tuition fees.
  • A student cannot take any exam until a study plan has been submitted and approved by the Secretary Office (nevertheless, lessons can be attended).
  • The study plan must contain selected courses for both academic years.
  • The total number of credits must be 120. Beware that the credits do not have to be equally distributed (e.g. 30 ECTS per semester), but only the total of 120 ECTS for two years.
  • The study plan can be submitted by the end of the first semester and it can be modified once a year, requesting the change to the President of the study course. It the meantime, the selection of modules cannot be changed. As a rule, the maximum number of variations allowed is equal to two.

As the student platform is only in Italian, a simple step-by-step guide on how to create, modify and submit a study plan is provided below.


How to create a new study plan


  1. Log into your Infostud account using your academic credentials.
  2. Choose Booked exams to access the exams section.

  1. Click Learning Path and then click go to educational path.


  1. Click Career planning to access the study plan portal.

  1. On this portal you can create a new study plan. You can choose between two options: create a curricular study plan (with courses already pre-loaded by the system, in this case go to step 7) or create an individual study plan (without courses already preloaded by the system, in this case go to step 12).



  1.  After saving the draft plan of the study plan (see next points), in this screen you will be able to edit the previously created draft plan and make any changes to it.



  1.  If you have chosen to use the curricular study plan, the mandatory courses for the first and second year are already pre-loaded by the system, as well as the final exam, for a total of 89 CFU (click on image to expand)