Programmes and Admission Evaluation Committee (CFOR)

The Programmes and Admission Evaluation Committee (CFOR) is a permanent board elected by the CAD. Its main role consists in coordinating and supervising the CAD in the management of study programmes, especially on the matters regarding the access and orientation to the courses offered by the Faculty. Considering the level of criticality of the latter, the CdA is also assisted by a Credential Evaluator.
In the first place, the CFOR verifies that all admission requirements are fulfilled by the student applying for the MSc. To such extent, the degree certificate issued by the foreign university is evaluated together with the average score of exams. International indicators and thresholds are applied to evaluate students coming from Extra-EU universities and institutions. In case minimum requirements for access are not satisfied, the CFOR may suggest to the CDA to schedule an admission examination.

After the selection phase, CFOR cooperates with the CdA in assisting students with the choice of the individual study plan, verifying its pertinence and coherence with the course objectives and expected results.

The CFOR is composed by the following members:

Dott. Daniele PASSERI - Coordinator (
Prof. Marco CENTINI (
Prof. Fabrizio FREZZA (
Prof.ssa Micaela LIBERTI (
Prof. Giovanni PULCI (
Dott. ssa Francesca SCARAMUZZO (