Publication 2019

Ferranti, L., Cuomo, F., Colonnese, S., Melodia, T.
Erratum to ‘Drone Cellular Networks: Enhancing the Quality of Experience of Video Streaming Applications’ [Adhoc 80 (2018) 130—141] (Ad Hoc Networks (2018) 80 (130–141), (S1570870518303135), (10.1016/j.adhoc.2018.06.004))
(2019) Ad Hoc Networks, .

Rubin, I., Baiocchi, A., Sunyoto, Y., Turcanu, I.
Traffic Management and Networking for Autonomous Vehicular Highway Systems
(2019) Ad Hoc Networks, .

Xu, T.A., Adamsky, F., Turcanu, I., Soua, R., Köbel, C., Engel, T., Baiocchi, A.
Poster: Performance Evaluation of an Open-Source Audio-Video Bridging/Time-Sensitive Networking Testbed for Automotive Ethernet
(2019) IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, VNC, .

Eramo, V., Listanti, M., Lavacca, F.G.
Optical communications and networking solutions for the support of C-RAN in a 5G environment
(2019) Applied Sciences (Switzerland), .

Colonnese, S., Cuomo, F., Ferranti, L., Melodia, T.
Efficient video streaming of 360° cameras in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: An analysis of real video sources
(2019) Proceedings - European Workshop on Visual Information Processing, EUVIP, .

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