Developmental wiring and adult plasticity of neural circuits - Marta Morey Ramonell - 25-03-2022


Marta Morey Ramonell (Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics & Institute of Biomedicine, University of Barcelona)

Date and time schedule of the Seminar
March 25,  2022, 11:00 a.m. CET (Italian time)
Sapienza Università di Roma Aula Bovet
 (Edificio ex Fisiologia Generale)

Biosketch of Marta Morey Ramonell:

I am a developmental neurobiologist using Drosophila as a model system. 

I did my PhD in the University of Barcelona working on the role of selenoproteins and redox balance in development. Then I moved to UCLA where I studied molecular mechanisms of wiring specificity using genetic and genomics approaches in the laboratory of Larry Zipursky. I started my own lab in the University of Barcelona in 2013 where I continued working on wiring, and opened up to explore other aspects in the assembly of neural circuits such as the role of glia and neural plasticity.  

Short abstract of the talk:

One of the next frontiers in neurobiology is the restoration of circuit functionality. Circuits can be altered due to misassembly during development, such as in neurodevelopmental disorders like autism or schizophrenia. Neurodegeneration and traumatic events are also an important cause of circuit malfunction. So far, the community has made great advances in unveiling the molecular mechanisms regulating the assembly of neural circuits, which has provided important insights into the development of cell replacement therapies. Less is known about how modulating neural plasticity can restore circuit function. In this talk, I will present work from our lab that contributes both to wiring and neural plasticity of circuits.    


The Event: Sapienza Neuroscience Seminar Series in 2022 

Talk title: Developmental wiring and adult plasticity of neural circuits


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Venerdì, 25 Marzo, 2022
Marta Morey Ramonell
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