Matthew Hill - Cannabinoids, the amygdala and stress - 23/9/22

Virtual-in person Neuroseminar: "Cannabinoids, the amygdala and stress”


Prof Matthew N. Hill

Associate Professor

Tier II Canada Research Chair on Neurobiology of Stress

Hotchkiss Brain Institute, The Mathison Centre for Mental Health Education and Research, Departments of Cell Biology and Anatomy & Psychiatry, University of Calgary, Calgary (AB) Canada



Main research interests:

Dr. Hill's research focuses on how cannabinoids regulate homeostatic processes in the brain, such as stress responses, affective behavior, feeding and metabolism. Specifically, his lab work focuses on: i) the identification of the neural circuits and cell types through which endocannabinoid function is regulated by stress to modulate neural activity, behavioural processes and neuroendocrine function; ii) the identification of molecular pathways by which both endogenous and exogenous cannabinoids impact feeding and metabolic processes; iii) understanding the impact of exposure to cannabis at different developmental ages, such as in utero or adolescence, on behavioral trajectories into adulthood.


Friday September 23rd, 2022 – 14:30 PM

NEW ROOM! Aula B Pharmacology (CU024) 


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Host: Maria Morena, Sapienza University of Rome



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Venerdì, 23 Settembre, 2022
Matthew Hill
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