4th Brain Research School, 24-30 June 2019, Isparta, Turkey

Fourth International Brain Research School will be performed between 24-30 June 2019 in

Neuroscience Research Center (NOROBAM), Suleyman Demirel University Isparta, Turkey

by Society of Cellular Neuroscience and Oxidative Stress (HSOD) (http://2019.brs.org.tr/).

In the school, the participants will take theoric and experimental lessons on neurological

diseases. In practical lab lessons, participants will learn cell culture, patch-clamp, western

blot, calcium signaling, plate reader and confocal microscope. The particle lessons will be

giving by international lecturers;


Dr. Denis ROUSSEAU (Grenoble, France)

Dr. Jumana SALEH (Muscat, Oman)

Dr. Lazlo PECZE (Neuchhatel, Switzerland)

Dr. Marie MULIER (Leuven, Belgium)

Dr. Nady BRAIDY (Sidney, Australia)

Dr. Sandra DEROUICHE (Okazaki, Japan)

Dr. Simon HEBEISEN (Witterswil, Switzerland)

Dr. Stefano L. SENSI (Chieti, Italy)


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Lunedì, 24 Giugno, 2019 to Domenica, 30 Giugno, 2019
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