Cerebellar control of brain functions: insights from multiscale investigation and modeling. Egidio D'Angelo - 12/11/2019

12 Novembre 2019, ore 14.00

Egidio D'Angelo (Human Brain Project Scientific Board Dept. of Brain and Behavioral Sciences University of Pavia)

"Cerebellar control of brain functions: insights from multiscale investigation and modeling"

Abstract: Recent research is showing an extended role of cerebellum in controlling brain functioning . The cerebellum, which is classically associated with the control of movement and its pathological counterpart, ataxia, has recently been proposed to take part to cognitive processing and to be involved in autism, dyslexia and Alzheimer's disease. This talk will show how a multiscale modeling reconstruction of cerebellar functions is opening a new perspective for cerebellar physiology and pathology. Emphasis will be put on data-driven modeling and on how this will be applied to the analysis of integrated brain signals (like those derived from MRI) and to neurorobotics, in order to further understand the cerebellum role of cerebellum brain function and pathology. 

Aula Daniel Bovet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ed. Fisiologia Generale e Antropologia CU026

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Martedì, 12 Novembre, 2019
Egidio D'Angelo
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