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A new therapy prevents intellectual disability in mouse with phenylketonuria on MOLECULAR GENETICS AND METABOLISM 2018
Norepinephrine in the medial pre-frontal cortex supports accumbens shell responses to a novel palatable food in food-restricted mice only on FRONTIERS IN BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE 2018
Fatigue modulates dopamine availability and promotes flexible choice reversals during decision making on SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Stress-induced reduction of dorsal striatal D2 dopamine receptors prevents retention of a newly acquired adaptive coping strategy on FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY 2017
Altered consolidation of extinction-like inhibitory learning in genotype-specific dysfunctional coping fostered by chronic stress in mice on BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2016
Corticolimbic catecholamines in stress: A computational model of the appraisal of controllability on BRAIN STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 2015
Evidence for the involvement of extinction-associated inhibitory learning in the forced swimming test on BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2015
The relationship between specific pavlovian instrumental transfer and instrumental reward probability on FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 2015
Either the dorsal hippocampus or the dorsolateral striatum is selectively involved in consolidation of forced swim-induced immobility depending on genetic background on NEUROBIOLOGY OF LEARNING AND MEMORY 2014
Positive emotional arousal increases duration of memory traces: different role of dopamine D1 receptor and β-adrenoceptor activation. on PHARMACOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BEHAVIOR 2014

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