Franco Lucchese

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Via dei Marsi 78 - 00185 ROMA, ROMA


Research Methodology. Methods and techniques for data analysis in clinical settings. Psychophysiology and psychometrics for the study of behavior. Computerization of procedures for the acquisition and analysis of clinical and experimental data. Implementation of advanced statistical models. Medical statistics. Health Management: Mathematical models and data analysis strategies. Methods for distance learning. ICT and disability: assistive technologies and technologies for learning disorders; collaborative learning. Human factors and quality of life. Communication and information in the clinical and research fields. The research activity is aimed at creating a synergy between research methods, neuroscience, culture of disability and integration, didactics and educational research, in the formal and content context of information sciences. Expertise: Research Methodology; Data Analysis; Statistical models implementation; ICT for e_Health; Accessibility; Usability; Psychometric test implementation; Production of learning materials; Implementation and evaluation of e-learning platforms. National scientific qualification (ASN - MIUR) as Associate Professor in 11/E1 (General Psychology, Psychobiology and Psychometry), 2012; 

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Clinical Neuroscience
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Behavioral neuroscience, Psychometrics

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